Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday... The Mother Load

Do you ever feel like the weekend starts sort of like...
Gentlemen, start your engines!
Well, I do anyway.  And the Mother Load is growing.  While it's probably more than I can accomplish in one day, I'm throwing it out here, for accountability.  Ready?
  • Process 10# of venison into frozen (uncooked) meatballs
  • Bag in 2# lots - in Big Freezer
  • Bake angel food cake
  • Make topping (so it will be Fiesta Cake)
  • Clean fridge (so there will be room for said cake)
  • Assemble cake, whip cream, and topping - refrigerate
  • Prep and roast 20# turkey
  • Make broth
  • Get the turkey meat off the carcass
  • Make turkey pot pies for the freezer (yum!)
  • Freeze extra turkey meat for ???
  • Prep next school week
  • Sunday school homework
  • Bible study homework
  • Walk with Gunnar
  • Bind quilt (may save for Sunday, during football)
  • Plan baby quilt #4 (no, no new surprise, I'll explain later)
  • Fold clean laundry (three loads, so far) Make that five...
  • Clean upstairs showers (yuck!)
  • Wash our sheets
  • Wash blankets from family room (stale)
  • Boys - Christmas lights down from porch
  • Boys - tidy living room
  • Boys - clean up the family room (lego bomb)
  • Vacuum family room
  • Boys - bring Sonlight books upstairs to "process" (home library strategy)
  • Label books / enter in computer
  • Boys - books back downstairs
  • Books on shelves (!)
  • Boys - clean garage (!!!) and hang chin-up bar
  • Sew (fun!)
  • Oh, yah, make lunch.
  • And dinner. Besides the turkey.
  • Make bread or rolls for tomorrow.
  • Plan soup for tomorrow... it's Souper Bowl Sunday. (Oh, we're so funny around here...)
  • Pick up my parents at midnight-ish, returning from their cruise. (Kerry? *bats eyes and grins*)

So, yes, clearly my expectations are a bit too high.

But I've already got a few things done, so there's hope!

What are you doing this Saturday?

Okay... bedtime.  And 23 of 36 are done, and we'll make that 24, as Kerry is going to pick up my parents.  (I did the 5:30am drop off, so it's a good trade for both of us ;D )


Felicity said...

Julie, if you got all of that done you'd need an award!!!

I'm doing as little as possible - it's just too HOT!!

Choate Family said...

Prepping a husband to go out of town for a week, grocery shopping, and enjoying company for several hours were enough for today. Tomorrow is a new day with more energy to tackle new projects :-) One day at a time, friend, and don't forget to rest!

Ruby said...

You aim high my friend!

Q said...

2/3 done? You rock! :)

Ann said...

I'm impressed! You got a LOT more done than I would have! After church tonight I'll be sitting down to figure out how the coming week must shape up to attack my Mother Load!

dlefler said...

Your list is making me tired - you got an AMAZING amount done! Now I feel the need to go and vacuum. Or mop. Or something.