Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Crock-Pot, It Torments Me...

... with the delicious smells bubbling out all day long.

Oh yes, it's an exercise in patience, which is not high on my list of qualities.

On our Big Vacation in 2011, the boys discovered a love for French Dip sandwiches.  I think I've always loved them, but there's a problem.  The roast beef at our local grocery store (deli) is heavily seasoned.  Add in the au jus and it's just too salty.  *sigh*

Well, I could make it myself, I mean, how hard can this be?  (Famous last words, right? And I'm using venison, not beef...)

Judging by smell alone, so far so good, but I'll have to tell you later how it really comes out.  I thawed about five pounds of unground venison.  I don't even remember what cut it was labeled, because to be honest it's all pretty much the same... tough.  But the crock-pot is a good friend to tough meat, right?

So this is French Dip, Take #1.

I trimmed the fat from about 4-5# of meat, and put that in my crock-pot.

I mixed
2T dried garlic, and
2t   dried rosemary, and crushed them together, with
a few shakes of black pepper, and
2 bay leaves, and
sprinkled that over the meat.

I poured in about
1/3 C of soy sauce and
32 ox box of beef broth.
(A couple of cans would've been plenty, but 10 oz of beef broth in the back of my fridge would've turned into a science experiment I don't need.)

The provolone cheese and hoagies are waiting to be toasted.

Wish me luck ;D

** Smiles and seconds, all around :D **


melanie said...

Sounds like it should be delicious!

Choate Family said...

Oh, yum! Do you have enough for company? ;-)

Ruby said...

It does sound good!
I like crock pot days. The smell permeates the house and everyone is anticipating the food. Woe is me if it doesn't taste as lovely as it smells.

Deanna said...

My favorite roast beef for french dip in the crock pot recipe is a can of beer, some beef broth, and a packet of onion soup mix. The au jus it makes is divine.

dlefler said...

Oh, YUM! I need to try this - I think our whole family would like this for dinner. I'm a big fan of French Dips - so warm and savory!

Kristenkj said...

I just might have to try this...William is sick and tired of Chicken. And Soup. He would love this...

The dB family said...

Yum!! We've never had French dip. I'll have to store this in my brain for a future supper.