Monday, February 11, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, February 11, 2013

Outside my window...  bare branches of the dogwood tree, waiting for spring.

Hearing...  Tate ironing his BDUs for CAP tomorrow.

Pondering...  the sacrifices of parenting.

Praying...  for God's favor on a letter I'm writing.

Thankful...  to have internet again, after a few days without!

Wearing...  in shocking news... blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a black sweater.

Creating...  new covers for the living room pillows (boy are they faded - when did that happen?)

Going...  to try a Jacob's Ladder block in blue, turquoise, and white.

Reading...  Sometimes A Light Surprises for myself, and Homesick with the boys.

Learning...  about China.  I'm trying to make sure the boys notice the admirable things in Asian cultures, like respect for the aged.  So much healthier than our youth-and-beauty obsessed Forever 21 mentality.  (Does anyone else find the very name of that store offensive?  Ugh.)

Looking forward to...  rehearsal tonight.  So often I find myself dragging my feet about going anywhere in the evening.  I'm a homebody - I'd rather stay right here, in my cozy nest.  But our choir director is also a preacher, and good gracious... every rehearsal is like a worship service.  (With a lot of joking around, so not exactly like, but you KWIM, right?)  Every time I come away encouraged and inspired.

In the kitchen...  we just had our third round of French Dip sandwiches from that venison I cooked last week.  (Did NOT realize I was making so much, but boy was it good!)  We're a little dipped out right now, so for tomorrow I'm going to try the Spicy Shredded Pork that Jacqueline mentioned.  Except, well... let the record state that we are Spice-Wimps.  Really.  We go our for Thai food and I get a ONE.  And Kerry gets ZERO.  Yes, ZERO.   He blames chemo and radiation, but I have my doubts.  Anyway, I'll probably have to cut the spices in half.  Or thirds.  Just the word chipotle will probably make his eyes start streaming.  Wish me luck ;D

In the learning rooms...  China, simplifying fractions. auxiliary verbs, squamates, measuring angles, tuataras, part-to-whole and whole-to-part fallacies, and... oh I don't know... much, much more!

Around the house...  I put away all the winter stuff last weekend, but I'm not really ready for spring yet.  Around here, it's too early to start hoping for spring.  It's going to rain for months yet.  You start hoping for spring now and you'll be tired of it before it ever comes.  I don't go overboard for Valentine's Day either (hellOOOO, I have three boys), but I've scattered some red, white and turquoise around.  And the new pillow covers.  Want to see?

I decided to just stick with red and white.  It's not like there's any pink in my house, much less in my fabric stash.  They could be for Valentines, or Christmas, or any time.

And every last bit is from scraps, which I think is kind of cool.

Wyatt - sixteen year old BOY - walked in, saw them, and pronounced them "cool", so they're not over-the-top girly.  (As if I could do anything over-the-top girly anyway...)

The Mother Load...  I'm holding it at bay while I do some sewing.  But (try to hold your applause) I did clean the bathrooms over the weekend.  I even scrubbed the boys' shower, which was DIS-GUS-TING.  There were at least three colors of mold in there.  Eww.

My office still looks like the aftermath of a major storm, but there's no use getting too excited until I finish the next quilt.  And maybe one more after that...

Noticing that...  my snowdrops are coming up by the back door.

Something to remember for later...  Gunnar's sincere and compassionate concern for his cousin's well-being just about breaks my heart.  (In a good way.)  I think he loves her more than just about anyone.

Something fun to share...  if you're in the area, our Easter concerts will be March 22 and 23 (Friday evening and Saturday afternoon).  Let me know if you want details.

A favorite quote for today... 
I will give up every material possession that I own because I know that I can't get to heaven pulling my little red wagon full of all my things.  But maybe, with the grace of God, I can get there with my children.
          - Diane Ferrell
One of my favorite things...  Wyatt and Tate went to an NCO training day for Civil Air Patrol a couple weeks ago.  They were each asked to teach a class at a training day for "Basics", which was two days ago.  This really stretched them.  They worked hard on their material and presentation.  And came home bouncing-off-the-walls excited.  I love to see them push like that, and then to be proud of what they've done.  Not vain-proud, but a good feeling of accomplishment.

They're growing so fast...

A Bible verse...  3 John 1:4
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Monday rehearsal, Tuesday CAP (ooo!  and Dentist Appointments - fun!), Wednesday youthgroup, Thursday ???, Friday Wyatt to the eye doctor, and maybe, maybe we get Naomi for the weekend :D

A peek into my day...  my favorite part of the new pillows are these little dots.  They make me smile.


Q said...

Yikes - the pork? Cut the chipotles down to half of one can. (Throw the other half in the freezer for next time.) We use one can of chipotles instead of two ourselves, since half of the household is Eastern European and would never survive.

Love the pillows!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yah... I bought the small can of chipotles (7 oz) and I think I'll start with half of that. Had to defer it until Thursday, though, due to evening schedules this week.


melanie said...

LOVE the red pillows! And the quote.

Felicity said...

I had to google chipotle to know what they are...! :-)
We LOVE spicy food! My favourite restaurant is an Indian one (that's probably East Indian to you) although I'll admit that I take their 'mild' which is just fine for our family. Curry features at least once a week in our house.
I love the quote - that's my prayer for my children!

dlefler said...

Your pillows are beautiful! I love red and white - I'm not handy with a sewing machine so our sofa pillows are the same brown-and-blue they arrived in.

I like spice, but Dennis cries, so we don't have "hot" food very often around here. Except for chili. Apparently, Dennis can handle hot chili, lol!

Choate Family said...

Snowdrops and anticipating dogwood! Spring is just around the corner, friend :-)

The dB family said...

I LOVE your pillows! I think I will send all my quilting to you from now on. That quote is awesome too! We can do pretty spicy here. Even the Littles seem to do okay with it and spicy isn't overly popular in their country, so we were surprise the first time Peanut started eating Jalepeno chips.