Saturday, February 23, 2013


Good grief, I'm such a creature of habit.  All it takes is one holiday (President's Day, last Monday) and I'm off-kilter all week.  Tuesday felt like Monday, etc.  Didn't help that I feel like I'm fighting something off.  By the time we got to Friday, a blustery day if there ever was one, with rain pelting the windows all day long, I didn't want to go anywhere.  So I didn't :D

Kerry brought home a movie to watch with the boys, but - in shocking news - I declined to spend my Friday evening with King Kong, preferring to finish John Grisham's The Testament, which was deliciously satisfying.

We got through our school work for the week (okay, I let Wyatt defer his Algebra homework until this morning), and managed to make it to all the right places on the right days, in spite of my general discombobulation.  I even made a lot of progress in organizing (cataloging) a bunch of books that had been stored, and got them onto my "new" (remember, October?) shelves, only to come up with another box.  The local Homeschool Recycle Store (consignment) is closing, and when I went to pick up my stuff, wouldn't you know I came home with a few more things ;D

At the risk of sounding paranoid, with the way the economy is going I find myself wondering how long our amazing libraries will last.  How long before the budgets get cut, and we can't rely on the access to the library we so appreciate now?  Or (hang onto your tinfoil hats), how long before the government decides to exert more control over the content of books and media?  Over what kind of books are available?  While I love to streamline our possessions in general, books are the one thing I hoard :D  Who knows, maybe someday I'll have grandkids being homeschooled who could use our resources.

Speaking of homeschooling, Tate began his short, creative-writing assignment like this:

Two clowns, a leopard, and a cannon.  It was a bad combination.

It's just possible the boys read too much Gary Larson...

So, with that, I'm back to my "work".  I have a Sunday school lesson to finish, and quilt squares that need my attention.


Felicity said...

Public holidays throw me out too. Mondays are the worst, but I dislike Wednesdays too - I feel as though I just get started,and then I have to start over again...

Libaries... our government has cut funding to them too. They've started working fewer shifts (or something like that) so they close at strange times. Guess who never knows when they're open or closed???
I haven't thought of them controlling content etc. A scary thought... although I think we've had some sort of control/limitations throughout my life, either through the government banning books, or other countries boycotting us, and not allowing certain products to be sold here.

Choate Family said...

Your boys are so creative! Must be their great teacher :-)

Ann said...

I have wondered how long libraries would be helpful, especially considering some of the books our very small local library stocks. *Sigh*

But, as long as we stock up quality inspiration such as Gary Larsen and Asterix, how can we go wrong? :-)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

We're fortunate to have a great library system. We can "order" books from 6 or 7 county libraries and have them held at the branch nearest us :D There's a large homeschool community here and we are a big presence at the library - they're VERY helpful to us. I'm hoping that continues :D

But, yah... on the tinfoil-hat-side of the equation, I'm a bit leery of what the future holds. Partly that libraries will lose funding, but more concerned that there will be increased government censorship, (probably in the name of "tolerance" and "hate speech") and we'll lose access to good books.

But, let's hope I'm overly paranoid! And let's hope we don't have to move any time soon ;D


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the libraries go. The bookstores are all closing...the libraries will be next. I am a book hoarder. We have LOADS of books. I love them...

The dB family said...

Hmmm, after reading that, maybe I should hang on to the remainder of the hs-ing books I haven't sold yet. We still have so.many.books. Love! Books!