Monday, March 4, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, March 4, 2013

Outside my window...  there's a strange, shiny yellow orb in the sky.  Not sure what it is. ;oP  Hasn't brought any heat, though, as everything is coated with frost.

Hearing...  warm air coming through the vent.

Pondering...  projects always look easier than they actually are.  Ahem.

Praying...  Wyatt has a rotten cold, we're waiting on some checks to come in, and certain people in the house are rather grouchy.

Thankful...  the washer - though it is LOUDLOUDLOUD - is still working (yay!), I finished the baby quilt I was working on, and I found an abundance of Cadbury Mini-Eggs so we are all stocked up and ready, with a jumbo bag for our annual Lord of the Rings marathon this Saturday :D

Wearing...  blue jeans, navy t-shirt, favorite sweater... I know, it's a shocker, right?

Creating...  I want to try a couple of smaller projects before I pack up the sewing stuff for awhile.  I'll want to have it all put away in three weeks, as we'll be having my niece here, and I set her up in my office/craft room.

Going...  to get school started in a minute...

Looking forward to...   Oooooo, you know what I'm already thinking about?  Planning the next school year.  (I know, I know, finish this year first.  But planning is fun ;D)

In the kitchen...  UGH.  No motivation.  At all.

In the learning rooms...  dinosaurs, adverbs, area and volume of pyramids, cones, and cylinders, the people of India, adding and subtracting mixed numbers, exo- and endo-skeletons, adjective phrases, Hindu/Sikh/Jain religion(s), and ???  There's more, I'm just forgetting...

Around the house...  it's cold!

The Mother Load...  ugh.  I just did the laundry, and now there's more? ;D  Still need to attend to my office - sewing makes such a mess!  Dust bunnies everywhere.

Noticing that...  the sunshine, although welcome, really fools us.  You'd think it would be warm... but it's not.  The thick frost sure is pretty, though!

Something to remember for later...  there are some people you really shouldn't even try to talk with until they've had a pot of coffee.  *sigh*

A favorite quote for today...
All you really need to know about guidance
can be summed up in this one sentence:
God is faithful, so obey Him.
Whether or not that seems likely to work is not your business.
Being faithful to God's revealed will is your business.
- Iain Duguid

One of my favorite things...  this is the second morning I've woken up to birds chirping :D  (They must have been trying to stay warm!)

A Bible verse...   Matthew 25:40
"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"

Gunnar and I were talking about our culture the other day and concluded that either:
The strong sacrifice for the weak, or
the strong sacrifice the weak.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Wyatt and I have rehearsal tonight, but he's not sure if he can even sing (bad cold) so we'll see if we go, CAP tomorrow night (for Wyatt and Tate) and I have Bible study (yay), we're hosting the youthgroup on Wednesday, and we're looking forward to the aforementioned "LOTR Marathon".

A peek into my world...

Attention:  You are worried about the WRONG THING.


Wilma said...

The sun is shining in West Virginia too, but it is oh so cold. We live at the base of a mountain and it is frosted about a third of the way down. Beautiful (but oh so cold!). The forecast says we will get a humdinger of a storm on Wednesday, but the forecast for Saturday and Sunday is in the high 50s, so I'll focus on that! Have a great week and I'll pray that Wyatt feels better.

Ann said...

Sun? Yellow orb? What a blessing!

And I have the school planning bug, too - later than usual, actually. Now to find time to do it!

Choate Family said...

What a picture!

The dB family said...

Just your average week in the Grasshopper household :o). I do believe I miss planning. Wonder if I can plan and just not teach. Hehe! That would just be ridiculous.

Regarding that photo. Some people just need their heads examined. Have you seen the video about the woman that wants the deer x-ing signs moved. Ohhhh! I shake my head just thinking about it.

Stay warm!


dlefler said...

I am WAY behind on reading blogs! I have to admit, I am sick of winter. No sun here, but the snow is coming down furiously. White out conditions on March 15 - it is pretty, but I am ready for Spring!

The photo of the pregnant woman just makes me shake my head. You just have to wonder about people sometimes.