Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scatterday Brain Dump


1.  We started our weekend off by breaking into our neighbor's house before breakfast.  You?

No, this isn't a future career opportunity for the boys, though they've "helped" other neighbors this way, also.  She'd locked herself out and was late for work and a little panicky.  Never a dull moment, yah?

2.  Last night's concert went well, and Wyatt and I have another this afternoon.  I love singing with the choir, but look forward to a break from the rehearsals, (in another town and a 30+ minute drive away.)

3.  After my rainy pictures yesterday, today is sunny!  I don't mind the thick frost, it's the brightness I crave :D

4.  My parents are coming over for lunch tomorrow to celebrate their 48th anniversary.  Yippee!  I'd have them over for lunch just FNAR (for no apparent reason) but in this culture especially, anniversaries ought to be really celebrated and honored.  They're coming up on 50, y'know?  Amazing.

5.  Cleaning and purging.  What is it about spring that makes me want to turn the house upside down, shake everything out on the lawn, and then only put back what I really love?  Do you feel this way?  I've already been to Goodwill and the consignment store with boxes and bags full of STUFF.  Inspired by someone (Deborah, maybe? - yes!) I kept a list of what I got rid of in 2012.  Ready?

  • 1 bag of (little kids') party supplies to Goodwill
  • 1 small CD player/radio (the CD player was questionable, but the radio worked) to Goodwill
  • 1 large laundry basket full of housewares, old placemats, and clothing to Goodwill
  • 1 bag of boys' clothes to consignment
  • 1 bag of toys to consignment
  • 2 sacks of (adult) clothes to Goodwill
  • 1 sack of home decor to Goodwill
  • 1 sack of stuffed animals to Goodwill (consignment won't take stuffed animals... germs.)
  • 2 sacks of boys' clothes to consignment
  • 4 pair of (too small) roller blades to consignment
  • 1 pair boys' dress shoes to consignment
  • 2 bags (20 items) clothes to Goodwill
  • 2 large bags (40 items) clothes to consignment
  • 1 winter coat and 2 pairs snow boots to friends
  • 1 bag of bathing suits and sumer clothes to consignment
  • 2 bags craft supplies (foam shapes, glitter, etc.) to Goodwill
  • Laundry basket of clothes (sweaters/jeans) and craft stuff to consignment
  • Laundry basket of gifts-I-will-never-regift, Christmas decor I don't use, a lid-less pot (thanks, boys), and off-season clothes to Goodwill
  • 2 sacks of clothes and knick-knacks to Goodwill
  • 2 sacks of toys to consignment
  • Laundry basket of toys to consignment
  • 1 large garbage sack of clothes to Goodwill
  • Laundry basket of miscellany to Goodwill (clothes and large fabric scraps I won't use)
  • 1 large garbage sack of soccer cleats and shin guards to consignment
  • 4 boxes of kids' magazines (Ranger Rick, Kids' Discover, Highlights) to friends

I know it seems repetitive, but the consignment store will only accept so many items per month, hence a bag here and a basket there. To make it easier (at least for me) I keep a large laundry basket in the bottom of the closet that is dedicated to Stuff To Get Rid Of.  That way, when something is going to go, it has a place.  Once something goes in there, it's dead to me.  When the basket is full (or - more likely - overflowing...) I divide up what the consignment store will take and what will go to Goodwill.

Yes, when I look at the size of the list I realize I could have had a yard sale and made a few bucks.  But I'd rather get rid of the stuff when the mood strikes than have it piling up around me all year.  Ack.  And we do make a few bucks from the consignment store.  Enough to treat the boys to a burger and fries once in awhile.

Anyone still there?  I mean, I know how fascinating my cleaning and purging is to everyone...

6.  Oooo, excitement is in the air.  A large box of books arrived yesterday.  Let the planning begin!

7.  I feel like there should be seven things.  Why, I don't know.  Time to get back to Things I Must Do Before The Concert...

Happy weekend :D


Ruby said...

Because 7 is the perfect number :-)
Does consignment resell and share the proceeds?
It's a good feeling to get rid of stuff...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yes, Ruby, that's how it works. I've bought a ton of things there for the boys as well, especially when they were younger. You can often find nicer things (like church clothes) that don't tend to get worn out as quickly as play clothes. And they have wonderful stuff for little babies, none of which gets worn out because they grow so fast! Besides clothes, you can buy (and sell) toys, books, and bigger items (cribs, strollers, carseats, etc.) It's a great deal :D

Ruby said...

That sounds like a great system.

Choate Family said...

Forty-eight years IS a long time. What a great example of faithfulness through the ups and downs of marriage!

melanie said...

"...makes me want to turn the house upside down, shake everything out on the lawn, and then only put back what I really love? Do you feel this way?"

Well, YES, I do. Exactly my thoughts even. Often!

Yesterday, I took the plunge into the boxes of 'treasures' intended for baby books/scrap books. It's sink or swim.

On the bright side, my 18yo is old enough and crafty enough to arrange her own photo book {just one or two more} and scrap book before we start celebrating graduation in five weeks. {while I work on the graduating son's memorabilia}

Yes, I am learning the lesson --> sorting stuff for the youngers as we dig through stuff now ;-)

The dB family said...

Hehehe! Isn't it fun to keep a list? My list for this year is growing again. With the sunshine of the past few days, I've been itching to get at the spring cleaning, but this spring cold has knocked me clean off my feet. I'm doing good to get lunches packed and kids out the door before I take my first nap of the day.

Somehow, I have to get the girls to start going through the summer stuff, so I can my consignment stuff out the door.

Congratulations on a productive weekend!