Saturday, March 16, 2013



It's after 11 and I feel like the day is just getting started.  Which is what comes of delivering two of the boybarians to different places at different times (Tate collecting food for the Salvation Army, and Wyatt volunteering at the Heritage Flight Museum - both CAP activities).  And returning some library books.  And stopping by the grocery store again to pick up the prescription I dropped off last time.  Gunnar, meanwhile, is rejoicing in the opportunity to melt his brain play Minecraft uninterrupted, until I force him to go for a walk with me.

See what I mean about Scatterday?

Of course, I have great plans for all I'm going to achieve today, and will be lucky if I get a third of it done.  *sigh*

But I have good news to share.  Wyatt got a (little) part-time job!  A friend of mine asked if he'd like to work at the Hannegan Speedway.  Um, let him think about it... YAH!  I want him to find a summer job, but I've been reluctant to encourage or even allow him to work during the school year because it takes him so long to get his work done, but this is only about three hours a week.  Sometimes a little more on the weekend.  I think we can all handle that.  And - I hope - he can find something else to add to that over the summer.

And you know what else is cool about it?  This friend has given them tickets to the Speedway a couple times, to come watch the motocross races (fun!), and I had the boys write her thank-you's, complete with pictures.  She just happened to run across those, and thought of us for the job.  Sweet :D

And... off I go, to battle with the laundry, the meals, and the general clutter.

Wish me luck!


Choate Family said...

All right! Now Wyatt can start paying rent :-)

Ann said...

Haha! That's great Joanna!

And Julie, I'll need to remember this next time the kids protest writing thank you notes!

dlefler said...

That is awesome (about the job)! Sounds like the perfect way to earn a little extra money during the school year - and free race tickets to boot!