Monday, April 1, 2013

Bait and Switch

Goooood Monday afternoon.  No, this isn't my usual Monday fare.  No "Hearing... Going... Wearing..." yadda yadda yadda.

And yes, I'm still alive and well.  Just busy with all the activities of Holy Week, rather than blogging about them.  And yes, as a Christian, I feel a bit guilty for not writing about Easter and what Jesus has done for us, but on the other hand... not so much.  (Wait!  That didn't sound right!  Not so much feeling guilty, NOT not so much what He did for us.  Which was a LOT!  Good grief. I just felt compelled to clarify that.  In case you were confused.  Or about to send the elders to straighten me out.)   There are moments I'd much rather live than record.  Sunrise service on the Gibson's farm, for instance.

And now.

Now it is Easter/Spring Break.  Which we observe, along with the local public schools.

Only, guess what, boys? Surprise!  And welcome to the Mother Load!  I told the boys that I OWN them until noon, and then they're on break.  Try to imagine their excitement and joy.

And now, witness the work-power
of these fully armed and operational boybarians!

Or something like that.  So far, we have:

*  Dismantled the War Wagon they were making for their air-soft battles.  Because - hello - the thing was too big and bulky to be practical to lug around.  It was a fun idea but - let me be honest - an eyesore.  I let them build it, because they are boys and they like to build things and I want to be a good mom.  And it sat in the driveway - a huge box (it was meant to be like a tank) made of two-by-fours, plexiglass, plywood, and three colors of plastic tarp... for nearly a year.  Jeff Foxworthy would have been so proud.  Gone!

*  Cleaned out the storage shed which is supposed to be my garden shed and the bike garage, but ends up being a dumping ground when it's just too troublesome to take five more steps to the garage door and put whatever they were using away properly.  And I made them get a magnet and get all those drill bits and the little u-shaped nails out of the gravel floor, too.

*  Installed my green "sun chair" on the patio (in other words, dug it out of the shed).  Because everyone in this county is apparently dangerously low on Vitamin D.  So when I need a quiet moment or twenty, I retire to the patio and am not to be disturbed because - doctors orders, of course - I'm getting my quota of D.

*  Gave our trampoline to the neighbors.  You should have seen the trampoline (it's ENORMOUS) walking down the street, with sixteen legs under it - I took pictures but they're on Kerry's camera, so you'll have to wait.  I know, try to be patient.  This is the hard-hitting journalism you've been waiting for.  The boys haven't played on it much for a year or two and I was tired of looking at it.  Now I look out my window and - HEY! - no War Wagon!  And no trampoline!  Maybe the grass will grow again.

*  In that hope, we picked rocks.  Actually the boys did most of this.  They had used the back corner of the yard - known as The Black Forest, because it gets so little daylight - for army battles and Dino-opolis for years.  In fact I found a few more plastic army men just today.  And they piled up cinder blocks and rocks to make homes and stage battles.  But NO MORE.  They've grown out of it.

I think we'll be picking rocks all week.  Maybe all year.  And sticks.  Because you can never have enough sticks for Stick Wars, can you?  Or bamboo.

And, by the way, here's a little tip:  Don't burn bamboo if you're trying to keep a low profile about burning in your yard.  All the segments of bamboo are sealed chambers, and when they get hot enough they explode.  It sounds a bit like gunshots.  Fabulous.  My pacifist-environmentalist neighbor is quivering in her Birkenstocks.

*  Pressure washed the driveway.  That was me.  Because I'd rather pressure wash than pick rocks any day of the week.

*  Got the fourth load of laundry washed and on the line to dry.  Yah.  That was me too.  While the boys...

*  Mowed the lawn.  Ah... much better :D

I'm trying to push hard on all the outdoor chores, since our sunny weather probably won't last.

And there's plenty to do inside the house, next... heh, heh, heh.

Are you on break?  What are you doing?


Nikki Rogers said...

I need a sun chair! Kids are taking ITBS tests this week, so I gave them a very, very easy workload this week.
Do you live near Graham, WA? We'll be there this summer and would love to talk a walk to the duck pond with you and Gunnar!

dlefler said...

We happen do be doing a lot of not-so-fun things over break, but there is a very bright spot - my mom is visiting! So nice to see her (and the boys LOVE grandma)!

So strange to think of having to hide burning brush from neighbors - we live in an area where burning is common. What else do you do with all the brush? We have SO much of it... and are out in the country so no pick-up service.

Crystal said...

Love to hear how you put those boys to work. Sounds like you're getting all squared away for summer.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sorry, Nikki, but we're a few hours away from Graham, to the north. Hope you get your sun chair :D

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Leah, technically we can have a "recreational fire" if it meets a bunch of criteria (distance from buildings, in reach of a hose, under a certain number of square feet...), so we call it a recreational fire and slide in some brush. But fortunately for us, my parents have 15 acres of woods and I have no qualms about hauling yard waste up there. I have no intention of PAYING the city to haul it away..

Felicity said...

"...Fully armed and operational boybarians..." - love it!!!
We're recovering from Easter weekend, but I'm trying to get lots done as we start wit school work again next week.

melanie said...

I wonder where I can find some bamboo to add some interest to our own bonfires?? ;D

I think it's time to interrupt the Nerf war in the basement and give them something to do off my list.

Choate Family said...

Our neighbors actually make "bamboo bombs" on purpose. Especially during New Year's celebrations. You should come visit sometime :-)