Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tra-la-la-la-la, Spring Is In The Air...

,,, and I'm a flower, with nothing interesting to say.

(Oh, wait, that was the stick-bug, in A Bug's Life.)

But spring is in the air, right?

Well, something's in the air, anyway.  

It's a calm Saturday morning.  The boys are in the garage, putting the finishing touches on their assorted vehicles for the race tonight (all-church Pinewood Derby - pictures later.)  And I'm upstairs, happily cutting fabric into little pieces, so I can sew it back together (aka quilting), and I'm feeling so happy and cozy, maybe I'll make myself a cup of tea.

And, lo, movement out the window caught my eye.

Can you see it?


Yes, my friends, it is Day 25 of Spring, and that would be snow

Welcome to my world.


Q said...

Oh Julie! Laughing at the Lunacy on your behalf!

sara said...

BAHAHAHA! I looked closely and said, "is it really? It is! Snow!" We had some in our forecast too, but luckily, it's just a tad too warm for it. Phew!

Choate Family said...

Julie, you really should plan a trip to Texas. We're in the 90's today :-)

dlefler said...

We had snow 2 nights ago - it didn't stick, but I have to admit I was NOT amused! On the plus side, we'll REALLY appreciate the warm weather once it finally arrives!

Felicity said...

We have the opposite here - technically it's autumn, but still mostly feels like summer - not enough to burn in...
I hope your spring comes soon!