Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mother Load, Shmother Load, It's Time For A Break

The boybarians have been awesome.  There is more to do (as always) but it is vacation...

And here's the thing.  When I clean out, I want to get rid of the stuff.  NOW.  Yesterday, even.  So Gunnar and I loaded the bags in the back of the van and headed out on errands.

I had a couple of packages to mail.  One for my friend, Jo... she had breast cancer and is having reconstructive surgery TOMORROW.  And she has a new-ish grandson :D  Pray for her healing, please?

When we dropped off our load at the consignment store we had some money waiting for us... ka-ching!  Ironically, the boys are getting too big for me to shop for them there (only goes through size 14, I think.  So, off we went to our upscale shopping venues (Value Village and Goodwill) and found what we were hunting - bathing suits.  (Again with the growing...)  And another deep pie dish.  I might as well get rid of the couple of little ones I have.  You can't make a proper pie in a dish that's only about an inch high.  What's the point of that??  And I found a replacement for a mixing bowl the boys broke.

Now isn't that exciting?  Don't you wish you were me, and leading such a glamorous life?  I mean, it's just an exhilarating whirlwind of activity around here.  And, for an encore, I think I'll change the sheets on my bed.

Or try to pull our tax stuff together.

Wish me luck!


The dB family said...

Truthfully, I get excited for your thrifting finds because I would be the exact. same. way. Nathanael gets the brunt of his swim suits at the VV Boutique because when you spend over half your summer in a pool there is no point in paying big $$ when the swimsuit will rot off your body in the same amount of time as the thrift store one.

I apologize for the rude Canadians. They're not all like that, but I can imagine the cross border shopping ones are as they are the ones who want something for nothing, but at the same time are too wealthy to consider thrifting because that would be beneath them!

Hooray for a successful Motherload week. I'm a little green with envy, as I sit on my exhausted behind for yet another day. Woe is me! ;o)


Q said...

Encore? SHOW OFF!!! :) Glad you're cranking so much out. I know that feels so good to get things whipped into shape!

melanie said...

Yep, I expect to see you and the Grasshoppers on the covers in the check-out lanes soon! ;D

Great week for you! I hope you are celebrating tonight :)

dlefler said...

We are SO lucky because we get so many hand-me-downs! We have a Mr. Salvage here that is great, but I haven't bought many clothes for the boys. I usually buy a new back to school outfit, but their closets are FILLED with clothes... though I'll have to go shopping when Matt goes up a size!