Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break Mother Load - Part Two


We are making visible progress and I love it.  And - thank you, Ibuprofen - I'm feeling better, today.  It's a good thing we worked hard outside yesterday, because the weather is changing.  So far today we have...

1.  Reclaimed the trampoline site.  You wouldn't think it would need reclaiming in less than twenty-four hours, but then maybe you don't have three boys.  Who thought the lovely little area I told them I WANT GRASS TO GROW would be a great place for the bunnies' new playground.


The bunnies can have a playground just ten feet further back, thank-you-very-much.  Sheesh.

2.  Put the screen door back on.  I love not having it (so much easier to bring in groceries, etc.) but bug season will be here before you know it.

3.  Got all the window screens back on.  Ditto.  Love the clearer view, but...

4.  Pressure-washed the front porch, steps, and walkway.  Hurray!  Looks SO much better.

5.  Weeded the I-sincerely-hope-we-can-pull-it-off-this-year garden plot.  Tate discovered an awesome way to weed REALLY, REALLY FAST.  Kerry built a sifter box (for screening rocks out of the dirt) and the boys just set it up on sawhorses right in the middle of the garden and shovel the dirt through it.  It catches the weeds.  Hurray :D

6.  Ran over to the neighbor's and mowed her lawn.  She was widowed last winter and we wanted to offer to do it for her for free, but she insists on paying the boys.  Two of them can mow and weed-whack the edges in about an hour.  Twenty-five bucks  - ka-ching!

7.  Sorted in the mud-room (winter hats, gloves, coats etc and summer sandals) to see what stays and what goes and what needs to be replaced with a larger size.

8.  Defrosted the freezer.  Well, okay, that's still in progress.  But it's all unloaded and set up to drain.  We bought a CHEAP used upright freezer years and years ago and it's still working great, but...  the door doesn't shut automatically, you have to give it a firm push.  And one of the members of this household forgot.  Again.  Grrr.

9.  I have bread baking and everything ready to make turkey soup.  Since the boys have CAP tonight, we'll all have lunch together :D

And later today my dad is coming by with his truck which we will fill with stuff to burn or compost.

Hallelujah and amen.


melanie said...

Wowsa! You are quite the Leader of your Boybarians :D

dlefler said...

Can you come over to my house and sort everything out? LOL! I hope spring arrives quickly so you can throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. It is still snowing here (boo), but spring will eventually arrive. I hope. Is it wrong that I WANT global warming?

Choate Family said...

LOVE the weeding/sifting idea!