Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scatterday and Sunday

I feel like I've been boggled in circles this week.  Kerry and I had to sit down after church today, and have a "calendar summit".  The equivalent of synchronizing our watches, yah?

It's been a quirky week.  We've had some ups and downs.

The Good

Best news?  Kerry is shaving off his beard, right now as I speak.  Or write.  Whatever.  Hallelujah and Amen.

Wyatt won a scholarship to Flight Encampment this summer - already mentioned that :D

The boys got a phone call from another person who wants to hire them to mow and do yardwork this summer - wa-hoo!

My meeting with one of Wyatt's teachers and the school counselor seemed to go well.  Everyone has to pull their own wagon, and Wyatt needs to be responsible for Wyatt.  However, there were a couple of things about the way the class was being run that were making it much more difficult for him (and perhaps others) that probably needed to be brought up.

And, our church had a wedding shower for a wonderful young couple who will be married in a couple of weeks.  Our family has had kind of a front-row seat, as this relationship developed, and that has been a very good thing for the boys.  We're all rejoicing for these two :D

I've finished Baby Quilt #4.  Brought it up to my parents' house (invited for turkey dinner on Friday night!) and finished the binding while we all watched Dr. No.

The Bad

Well, the terrorists in Boston, of course, as well as the tragedy in Texas.  I rarely comment on things like that.  At the risk of appearing shallow and unaware of things in the bigger world, I view this (blog) as a place to talk about our family, primarily, and prefer to leave the news to the reporters.  Still, our hearts are heavy.

Then, more personally, a family I've known since I was about Gunnar's age lost their 26-year-old son this week.  I don't know just what happened, but he's in the military and was training for swimming long distances underwater and drowned.  Heartbreaking.  Yes, the family are all believers, so pray for them, okay?

The Quirky

Wyatt is disappointed in the weather - an abundance of rain - which has delayed the start of his new job... his first "real" job.  And by real, I mean an hourly (minimum) wage, and a W-2 form.  He'll be working at the gate at the local motocross one afternoon a week, and through the summer.  When there's too much mud for motocross, there's just too much mud.

I'm coming down with a cold.  And I was tempted to list that in the Bad category, because Of Course.  But given the events of the week, it just didn't stack up.  Still, colds in the spring are just so wrong.  Have a cold in the winter, when you can curl up with hot tea and a good book.  But in the spring?  It seems unjust.

Even Quirkier

Kerry and I had breakfast out at the Sons of Norway Hall, yesterday morning.  This looks like it needs to be a once-a-month tradition.  The menu is always the same, no surprise there - coffee, OJ, scrambled eggs, ham, and Swedish pancakes with lingon berries (at the Sons of Norway Hall, I remind you.)

But where else can you
*  have breakfast with a large group, predominantly of senior citizens
*  watch the two or three families with little kids come to the front of the hall to do The Chicken Dance, to much applause from the little old ladies
*  get yelled at by the (angry? joking? developmentally delayed?) woman serving thimble-size cups of juice for daring to request a second cup
*  all to the accompaniment of an older and very stoic Scandinavian gentleman playing folk songs on his accordian, (with a little machine at his feet to provide the Boom-Chicka beat)?  I mean, that right there was worth the seven bucks!

And how was your weekend?


Choate Family said...

I love to look at the world through your lens!

The dB family said...

Sounds like a seriously entertaining breakfast! I'm still chuckling.

So sad to read of the loss of your friends' son. Scary to think that it happened while training. I will lift them up in my prayers.


Felicity said...

So sorry about your friends' son. I haven't heard about anything in Texas... maybe I don't want to...