Sunday, March 16, 2014

40/40 Progress

Remember the 40/40 challenge?  The idea is to give something up for Lent... 


Okay, it doesn't have to be junk.  But it could be junk.  Heaven knows we've got plenty of that.  But I'm not allowed to clean out the garage, so I need to focus elsewhere.  It could be stuff that needs to go to the garbage, or Goodwill, or consignment, or to a friend.


As long as we're getting rid of it.  Cleaning out.  Purging.

I didn't think it would be quite fair to count the big branch from Saturday.
Which made three truckloads.
But we did get rid of a few other things.
Can you tell?

We went from this...

... to this.

Here's a clue.

Yah, the garbage tote and the recycling bins just got moved temporarily so we wouldn't squish them if the tree branch didn't fall where we expected.

But Grandpa Grasshopper hauled away that big old computer, and...

... two bikes that the boys rode to death and then cannibalized for usable parts.


I'm counting that as 3.

Then I cleaned out one closet and have these - two for consignment and one for Goodwill.

Alrighty,  that makes 6.
A little behind, but making progress.

But wait!  The library books!  That are so overdue it's not funny.
And there are quite a few.
I'm counting that as 7.

And I've got my eye on these...

... which used to hold the long-gone swing set into the ground.

Any of you cleaning out?
Making progress?


melanie said...

Well done!
Paper Wmart bags - methink there is a reason for that lack of plastic, right? {my *piles* of bags look very different if only for that reason ;-)} Spring IS coming, I'm sure. It's time to actually get them g>o>n>e>

Rebecca D said...

I so need to do another clean out... One of Katy's friends got married a couple months back and she told them to call me to see what we have because out basement it a "mother lode" of stuff that I am always just giving away. And sadly she is right... When something is in my way I banish it to the basement and when we did the whole house redo last spring A LOT of stuff was "in my way!"

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! Yes, we've just finished deep cleaning and purging in every room in the house. The garage sale is over and the rest hauled to Savers the same day. BLISS! I seriously believe that everyone should 'move' every few years. Maybe not literally, but deep clean, and purge as if.