Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Do you ever have days go by, and you think to yourself, How could that all be just one day? because it seems like at least three?

Or maybe I'm the only one.

Yesterday was like that.  And it wasn't bad, just a series of actions and reactions.

1.  Gunnar and I went for our morning walk, which means I huff and puff up and down the hills and through the woods, while he talks my ears off.  It's a stream of consciousness.
* the day before was terrible, practically a waste-land, because he couldn't get some computer game to work
* that means Tate broke it (because it obviously couldn't be a problem like the server being overloaded with kids that just got out of school or anything like that)
* but hurray because now the game is working and life is worth living again
* do I think he will pass his mile run later in the afternoon?
* because he needs to pass it to promote (I knew that)
* isn't it great how much Naomi loved the little swimming pool Grandpa and Grandma gave her?
* could I believe that she splashed him (No!  Imagine that!  A toddler in a swimming pool?!  The nerve!)
* he would really like to go to Disneyland again
* it's too bad he probably won't be babysitting Sammy next school year
* I really need to plan a get-together with Sammy's family.  SOON.
* do I think he will pass his mile run?
* Naomi sure loved her little house we fixed up for her
* he would like to go back to Cascade Falcon (CAP's boot camp) as staff next year, probably to work in "DFAC" (dining facility)
* he "needs" to make some money (because he spends it pretty regularly)
* but he really doesn't like mowing lawns
* wouldn't it be fun to take Naomi to Disneyland?
* being homeschooled is awesome because he's been done for awhile and local schools just finished yesterday
* do I think he will pass his mile run?
* our family "needs" to go to Hawaii (right, I'll get right on that...)
* am I going to do any laundry, because he's about out of socks (maybe if he put away the laundry I already washed and folded...)
* it would be fun to go to the ocean again (he means the Oregon coast)
* he would like a glass of chocolate milk to reward himself for going on a walk
* do I think he will pass his mile run?
And so on.

2.  We remembered to go to his violin lesson.  His teacher offered to continue his lessons through the summer, and that sounds wonderful, except for one thing.  Without the routine of our school week, there is no way we will actually remember to GO on Tuesdays, because what day is it?  We like our routine, and when we're out of it, all bets are off.  So we're finishing out the month of June, and then taking July and August off.  Which means I need to remember one more time.  Wish me luck.

3.  The mile run, and getting everyone there.  This took a flurry of emails between the squadron commander and the three cadets needing to be tested.  Two of the three are mine - Gunnar and Tate - and you'd think they could communicate in the house, but this was all through email.  The other cadet needed a ride.  No problem.  She would take a city bus that passes about a mile from our house and we'd run over to get her, and take her to the track for the test.  Except the city bus went right by her and didn't stop.  Tate and I waited, and waited... Fortunately Wyatt was at home.  She called.  He ran out to pick her up and came to meet us, and we all got to the test on time.

She was somewhat "handicapped", in that she'd chased the bus for about half a mile on foot, then had to run back home to call, but she's a runner and passed easily, with Tate right on her heels.

Gunnar, however, needs to shave some time off his mile.  About a minute and a half, actually, so I'm not sure how that's going to work, but we'll practice.  But the good news is, before we started walking regularly, he couldn't run the whole mile and had to run-walk-run-walk-run-walk etc.  This time, he ran the whole way.  Okay, jogged.  Whatever.  He kept going, didn't stop, and finished his mile, and that's a victory.

4.  Meanwhile, Wyatt had his interview at UPS.  And we're all eagerly watching the phone, hoping he'll get called back to work.

5.  Tate got called for an interview at our local grocery store.  That's this afternoon - pray for him!

6.  All the boys went to CAP and Tate passed his interview with the Review Board, which means he'll promote and become an officer!  This is a Big Deal in the CAP world.  He'll be getting his Billy Mitchell Award, which is kind of like the Eagle Scout for BSA, but better ;D

7.  In the midst of all the running all over, I got a good start on planning the next school year.  And I'll tell you what, Tate is going to have a busy year.

He'll be taking two math classes (Algebra 2 and Geometry) as well as second-year Spanish at the high school, and at home he'll be doing Chemistry (for which I've offered to hire a tutor, because it's TOUGH!), American government, Economics, as well as reading a few books I'm compiling.  AND he's hoping to have a job.  AND continue with CAP.  And - of course - be faithful at church, and spend time with his FAMILY.

It makes my head spin, just to think of it.

8.  And totally randomly, doesn't this look like something fun to do at the beach?  Maybe a Christmas card in the making?

Anyway, I'm hoping today makes a little more sense!


Joyful said...

oh my goodness! You have MY head spinning. YOU are such a busy momma. I loved you "conversation" with Gunnar! I was laughing all the time. ;)

Ann said...

Nope, you're not alone! Although it's much more fun to read about YOUR three-days-in-one than to live my own. :)

And I'm with you on the structure. I'm already ready for it to come back, even if I'm not ready for school to resume.

melanie said...

If only running a mile were as natural as talking a mile! :D But yAy! for Gunnar's progress! (from a fellow jog/walker who is not going to change her ways - ha! except to give up the jog part)

Hope your job-seekers get those phone calls! And congrats on the other CAP promotions!

Rebecca D said...

Wow what a day!!! Allison still talks to me in a stream like that... I'll admit sometimes my mind wanders and then there is a pause and I know there is a question pending so my little "trick" is to say... "Well, we will have to see... What do you think your father would say?" and that works about 50% of the time. :)

Katy's Junior year she did Alg 2, geometry & chemistry all at the same time... It was a total nightmare for us. I finally dropped the geometry and let her do it senior year because she needed the Algebra 2 to get through the Apologia Chemistry. We joined a co-op so I could teach government & economics and some else could teach her chemistry! Anyhow we both barely survived. We were using teaching textbooks for math and the math in the chemistry outpaced what she was doing in science. At least 3-4 times a week we would have a discussion that involved her wanting to quit and take the GED and be d.o.n.e. already and I would always say if she could get her father's permission I wouldn't stand in her way. She never asked him because she knew the answer but looking back I am surprised we survived that year! It's a good thing your boys are stronger in math!
I don't know why I just shared all of that... Anyhow... Have a peaceful weekend!

Lisa Berry said...

I have 3 boys. I GET that kind of conversation - as in I understand AND it happens to me all the time! I LOVE that beach photo. We are heading to the beach later this summer and now I must try to recreate it. :-)