Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Outside my window...  it's a cool and drizzly June-uary day.  I don't mind the rain one bit; we've had a dry spring.  I'm thankful the forecast for the weekend is GLORIOUS, as Tate will be sailing :D

Hearing...  rain dripping from the leaves to the driveway, birds chirping, and boys moving around downstairs.

Pondering...  Gunnar and I are about to head out to his violin lesson, and it will be fun for him to show off his new violin to his teacher :D

Praying... to finish strong.  This is the time of year I need that.  I'm (mentally) just so DONE with school.  And the boys are doing great, but we're all so ready to be DONE.

Thankful...  Gunnar's fingers are getting used to his new violin (less SQUAWK-squawk and more music), Kerry is busy with work, and I get a night out tomorrow!  My Dad gave my Mom tickets to a concert for (her birthday? Christmas?) and bought extras, too :D

Going...  slowly crazy ;D

Reading...  Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes by Nancy Pearcey.  This one is not exactly a "bedtime read".  I need to be taking notes!  Really interesting and challenging.

Looking forward to...  Tate will finish his homeschool work this week, and Gunnar next week... WOOT!

In the kitchen...  Tuesday is pizza day - no cooking!

In the learning rooms...  yah.  Almost there.

Around the house...  oh boy.  Remember my living room?  It has issues...

Yah.  Now it looks like this:

Because we are doing this:

Yes, it's an old house.  1902, to be exact.  And we've uncovered some (not so) FABULOUS wallpaper...

And the living room is filled with a musty smell...  welcome to my home *eyes roll*

The Mother Load...  oh my word, it's like being pecked to death by chickens.
* pay the bills.  Right now.  Today.
* get a copy of Wyatt's tax return
* gather and submit all required info to be eligible for insurance for another year... and we all know what a rodeo that usually is...
* repaint 70-year-old doll house
* find a doll family for the doll house
* write a transcript for Tate
* keep track of Gunnar's grades
* order standardized test for Gunnar
* look into gun safety class for Gunnar
* remind Wyatt to sign up for fall quarter text-book loan
* remind Wyatt to make an appointment to sort out his schedule woes at community college (signed up for right math class at wrong time)
* remind Wyatt to make an appointment to get a waiver to substitute a different Geology class in place of the one they require but no longer offer for his AA degree
* look into having the piano tuned/repaired, but schedule that for after the window project
* make camping reservations (yes, even for camping you need a reservation sometimes)
* organize some kind of insurance for Tate's Neptune processor (going off warranty later this month)
* cull through homeschool materials we're done with
* choose books for next year
* make schedule for Tate and Gunnar for next year
* figure out why my DSLR is having issues with the auto-focus (grrrr)
* what can go on craigslist - outgrown bikes, etc.
* cook another turkey
* make turkey pot pies
* find way to help out neighbors with toddler that just had TWINS
* and for-the-love-of-Mike dig out my office once again *sigh*
(And why do we say "for the love of Mike" anyway?)

Noticing that...  well, I'm officially old.  I need reading glasses.  Not just kind-of-need, but really.
A favorite quote for today... 
Christ is sufficient.
We do not need "support groups"
for each and every separate tribulation.
The most widely divergent sorrows
may all be taken to the foot
of the same old rugged cross
and find there cleansing, peace, and joy.
- Elisabeth Elliot

One of my favorite things...   good customer service.  This is a shout-out to Advanced Bionics, the company that makes Tate's CI - implants and processors, and all the tech goodies that go with.  Every time we've had an equipment issue they are ON IT.  The springs sprung out of the battery trays?  No problem.  We'll have new ones on our doorstep in two days.  Already shipped.  Whew!

A Bible verse...  Proverbs 12:10
The righteous care for the needs of their animals...
I love the way the boys - Tate especially - care for the rabbits.  Those rabbits are gentle and friendly for good reason :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...
* boys to CAP
* school/homeschool all week
* me to a concert  :D
* Tate's piano lesson
* Wyatt and Gunnar and Uncle Dave to an arcade game convention for a day
* Tate sailing for the weekend
* work on the dollhouse

A peek into my world...  way back when we started homeschooling... lunch break!

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