Friday, May 29, 2015

In Which I Amaze and Astound You With The Awesome Excitement That Is My Life /sarcasm

In case you're wondering what season it is (spring? summer? hunting? road construction?), apparently here in western Washington it's the Season of Dead Opossums.  I think I saw six on my way to Bible study on Tuesday.  SIX.  And yes, I understand the origins of the phrase "playing possum", but I'll spare you the gory details of why I'm pretty sure these ones were indeed quite dead.  Yuck.

Gunnar and I are starting a little project.  We're painting a house.  But it's a little house - a doll house my grandpa made for my mom and aunt, so we're talking about a (*ahem*) seventy year old doll house.  The plan is to "freshen it up" (that's what my grandma would have said) and give it to Naomi for her birthday.  We picked up some craft paint today.

And while we were out, I bought a chunk of navy blue fabric for a quilt I'm starting, and new blades for my rotary cutter, and GOOD GRIEF those things are expensive!  But hurray for coupons because that saved me thirty-five bucks, and that's what counts, right?  So no excuses, now I have everything I need for this quilt...

Finishing school will help, right?  Because I always think I'll get just a ton of stuff done in the summer.  Because of all the free time.  And where does that go?  Hmmm.  My free time today went to
running errands
doing laundry
hanging it on the line
practicing the art of sitting with my neighbors
and taking a break to sit in my medicinal Vitamin D chair.

But with summer approaching, I'm feeling a bit of stress about the boys and jobs... JOBS.  Tate is champing at the bit and ready to work, but Wyatt... well, the funny thing about Wyatt is that he accidentally applied for a job yesterday.  Which may be the only way it was actually going to happen (grrrr...) but I nagged encouraged him to reactivate his UPS profile and see what's going on there, and before he knew what happened, he'd submitted an application.  (Praying for this one!)

Meanwhile, Gunnar's birthday is fast approaching and I have been awarded Best Mom in the World status by getting him his birthday present early - a new (to him), full-size violin.  He's been using a 3/4 model, that was definitely a beginner instrument.  And while he's still a beginner, he's practicing faithfully and making good progress, so it was definitely time to upgrade.  He's over the moon.  But guess what happens when you move up to a bigger size violin?  The finger positions are different.  Oh boy... he's having to listen very carefully to get his fingers in the right place so he can play in tune - whew! It's a process...

And now the weekend approaches.  Maybe I'll have the boys dig out the BBQ from the back of the shed :D  In the meantime, I feel like making a cake.  Why?  I don't know.  I just do.  Wyatt is off on a field trip with his Oceanography class tomorrow, and Tate and Gunnar are going to be "victims" for another Emergency Response class "final exam"... oh, the fun just never stops. ;D

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Choate Family said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of the "victims" - those weekends always provide lots of photo ops ;-) And Benjamin just got a bigger viola, so we can understand the joys of having to stretch those fingers to be in tune!