Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Is It Only Thursday?

 ... when yesterday felt like a whole week!

You have days like that?  Yah, I bet you do.

We've had a little guest again ;D

FYI - that's just a shadow on her cheek, not a bruise.

Since the weather has been great, she's been outside a lot - for walks in the woods, and at least twice to the park.  Uncle Kerry even let her go wading in the coooooold water. 

Tate, stop saying it's a potato when it's obviously a car.
A CAR, I tell you.

Gunnar's little buddy Sammy (the one he babysits each Tuesday) brought his Beyblades and let Naomi try them.  Those two are so cute together, but how did I not get a photo together?

Trying to figure out how to put the beyblade together and make it spin.

But I digress.  The day that felt like a week...

Yesterday I had to take Tate for a (routine) visit to Seattle Children's,
for a CI mapping.  He gets out of school at 10:40 and the appointment was at 1,
so that should give us plenty of time to get down there on time
and even grab a bite of lunch somewhere.  Right?

And since Naomi lives down near Seattle,
we could just drop her off on our way,
so Uncle Dave doesn't have to drive up to get her.

Which is totally reasonable.
Except that I didn't realize Tate's school had an assembly,
so he didn't get out until 11.

Which made for a very quick drop-off at Naomi's house,
and a late arrival at Children's, sans lunch.
(Not so bad for me, but kind of hard on a teen-age boy!)

And our wonderful, delightful audiologist
(whom we adore)
was training a student.
Which meant that an appointment that usually would take
about an hour and a half,
took about two and a half.

Which means...

We stopped at 4:30 for "lunch" and a phone call home,
pleading with Kerry and the other boys to help with the prep for...

a baby shower.
At my house.
At 7pm.

And let me tell you I am so thankful for those guys getting things tidied up
and getting food going, because Tate and I rolled in the driveway at about quarter to six.
And the shower was lots of fun,
and some of the guests were here until 10:30pm.

Which makes me really thankful for the flexibility of homeschooling
(and sleeping in when you need to!)

And in case you're wondering,
the appointment/mapping was all great and fine.
He is doing FABULOUSLY.
Unless we have concerns, we don't need to return for
Has there ever been a time we haven't had appointments in Seattle
multiples times a year???

So I've stayed home today.
Blissfully :D
Catching up on school with Gunnar.
Helping Tate review for a Biology test.
Processing three loads of laundry.

And watching the "show" to the east.

On a fall day, I might look out to the east and see something like this...

But on a late spring or early summer afternoon, this is more typical.

Thunderclouds build up over the Cascades.

We can't see the mountains because of the foothills.
(That does make sense!)

But there's no doubt where they are.

The air has that heavy feel to it.
Maybe some thunder and lightning later?
Or maybe it's all too far away.

Have you had a day that felt like a whole week?
Tell me about it :D

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