Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brain Dump

Is it Friday yet?  No?
Because it feels like Friday.

But wait.  

1.  First, let me give you Tuesday.
See this view out the boys' window?

Look closer.

Why yes.  Yes, in fact, that IS fresh snow.

Welcome to the month of May, in the Pacific Northwest.

2.  In better news, Gunnar does NOT have whooping cough.  He has bronchitis.  Which means he's still kind of miserable but not nearly as contagious, and likely to improve more quickly.
Especially if he keeps this up:

That's right.  Nothing wrong with a good nap ;D

3.  In even better news, Faye peed.  Yes, we're talking about urination.  With most of my readers being parents, well, not much is taboo.  Certainly not bodily functions.  This doesn't mean Yay-hurray-she's-all-better-now, but it is a good sign.  And we'll take good news wherever we find it, even in a wet diaper.  You go, girl.

4.  I'm hosting Mother's Day.  And you'll be pleased to know that I have several large pieces of meat ready to cook down for the pulled pork sandwiches.  Because around here we're grazing at the top of the food chain, and dainty little crustless cucumber sandwiches aren't where it's at.  (Who eats that?)

5.  I'm starting to feel guilty.  The yard and flower beds are springing to life around me, and they're crying out to be weeded.  Maybe tomorrow.  Of course, my beloved dogwoods don't need any help.

Just a few days ago...

And today...

6.  This time of year, I feel like my office is sitting on a cloud.  With views like these out the windows, you can see why!

And on the other side of the house...

7.  One last thing...  honey?  Just in case you're wondering?  You know, with Mother's Day approaching...

hint, hint :D

And a Happy Mother's Day to you all :D


Joyful said...

Glad to hear that Gunnar isn't contagious! We've had bronchitis here too.
Yippee for Faye! She remains in my prayers!
Wow, snow and weeding! who can get in the mood for gardening with snow looming in the distance?! :)
Lindors! are my absolute favorites! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day! and enjoy that pulled pork! :) LOL!

melanie said...

Haha -- I felt like it was Friday yesterday also! So today I'm sort of in the "It's-Saturday-gotta-getitalldone-mode. 8-)

Lovely iris & dogwoods -- We have been shopping the catalogs and online nurseries this week. Whew. Will we ever get it all done here?! I am closing all the online windows this morn -- Tim is not ready for me to order anything yet so I might as well work on something else!

Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope Gunnar is up and running again soon.

Sara McD said...

Yay for pee and bronchitis! (That is a seriously weird thing to yay for.)

Kristen Johnson said...

I had whooping cough about 2-3 years and the boys I was not fun and it was only a mild case. Glad he doesn't have it and is on the mend! And glad for little Faye, too!

Boy your trees are absolutely gorgeous...dogwood is the VA state flower, so I'm thinking I need a few of those in my yard. Happy May, and happy Mother's Day Julie!