Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's a Sunday Momologue

Sunday, fun day.
For some of us, anyway.

Little Faye was in and out of the hospital today because while her recovery from E Coli is progressing well (if slowly) she now has pneumonia.  Fortunately they were able to give her antibiotics and send her back home, but we're still praying for her.  For healing.  And for her parents.  May there be sleep for all tonight, amen?

Meanwhile, I keep getting emails from the Pacific Northwest Ballet, because I bought Nutcracker tickets last year.  News flash:  I love the Sendak Nutcracker they did, but I won't be buying any more ballet tickets any time soon, because $$$.  Whew.  It was gorgeous, though.

My two favorite parts are when the tree goes from normal-big...

to amazingly ginormous...

and the dance of the snow fairies in the moonlight...
they "really" make it snow!

And I know all this has nothing to do with anything right now,
except that I was thinking about it because they're changing it.

For years the (Seattle) Pacific Northwest Ballet has done it with the same choreography, and all the costumes/sets designed by Maurice Sendak, and now that's done.  It will all be different.

Moving on...

We're gearing up to have Naomi again for a few days, while her mom recovers.
Gunnar and I are pretty flexible about his homeschool work.  He gets some of it done while she's here, and makes up the rest when she goes home.  No big deal.

To further complicate things (because why should life be simple?),
Tate has an appointment at Children's this week - just a routine CI check-up and mapping,
and I'm hosting a baby shower - fun!

Today was the last day of Sunday school for this year (school year)
at the chapel.  Woo-hoo!
Since we were doing the story of Esther today, I made a treat for my kids,
Chocolate Hamantashen, using my friend Joanna's recipe.
I don't know if it was the sunny weather or the sugar buzz
(I only gave them each ONE COOKIE!)
but they ricocheted out of there like they'd been shot from a cannon.

And just for fun, I snapped this photo of Gunnar as he was recuperating from bronchitis.
He wanted multiple pillows to elevate his head to alleviate the congestion,
but then his blanket didn't reach as far up as he wanted
so he got a spare and wrapped it around his head like
Little Red Ridinghood or something.

And that's it for now.  Between Naomi, and homeschooling, and a trip to Children's, and hosting a shower, I'll be a bit busy this week!



Joyful said...

I hope your week goes off without any problems. Have fun with Naomi! Will pray for your momma!
My week should be slower. (praying nothing strange comes up!)

Choate Family said...

Love the peek into your week! And I'm glad you enjoyed the cookie recipe, it's one of our favorites :-)