Friday, May 22, 2015

A Big Dipper Quilt for an Alaskan Mom

That baby shower I mentioned?

It was kind of a long time coming...
and then there was hardly any warning at all!

And that probably makes no sense to you, right?

We have a fun, friendly, young-ish couple at the chapel who were hoping to start a family.
And things don't always happen the way you think they will.
When I started hoping with and praying for my friend Katlyn,
I made this quilt for her.

Two years ago.

They began walking through the process of adopting,
with hopes rising and falling.
Until they got a phone call that their son had been born,
and were they ready to come get him?

And we wanted to celebrate and rejoice with them!

My friend Katlyn is a little bit like me,
in that she's not a frilly girly-girl.
(No offense intended to those of you who are,
but some of us aren't.)

So we threw her an Alaska-themed shower.

With citronella candles, and blue jeans, and plaid, and ear-flap hats.

And salmon, and venison, and other goodies.

And deer antlers, and fishing floats, and Dall sheep horns, and gifts on a toboggan.

And I think she liked it :D

 We had a great time - until 10:30pm!

I love our chapel family - it was a perfect time to rejoice with those who rejoice :D


Joyful said...

Aw what a great idea! Congrats to your friend. Adoption is a very GREAT thing! :)

Rebecca D said...

I love the theme! So fun!!!