Monday, May 25, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, May 25, 2015

Outside my window...  rain falling gently through the dogwood leaves.  Hope it dries up, as today is Festival of Flags, a Memorial Day event the boys/CAP help with.

Hearing...  a very quiet house!  Tate is home.  He had quite a fever yesterday and didn't feel well so he couldn't go today, but he's "lying low" - getting lots of rest and (I hope) getting over whatever was ailing him.

Pondering...  Well.  Now we know what happens when Tate absent-mindedly
tries to heat a Pop-Tart in the microwave...
with the foil wrapper.
 It only took four seconds for the fireworks to start.
Yep, four seconds.

Also, it occurs to me to wonder if Kerry and the other boys remembered to take any rain-gear with them.  It's not cold, but drizzly.  Or their orange safety-vests.
Probably not.
Wyatt and Tate, helping my parents do some clearing.
Yes, they're standing on the top of a (little) cliff.

Praying...  for Tate to get over whatever 'bug' is bugging him,
for a friend from church recovering from cancer surgery,
and for a strong finish to the school year.

Thankful...  Faye was in church yesterday!
While she may not be 100% yet, her body is healing beautifully.
While we're thankful for doctors and hospitals and modern medicine,
we give thanks to God who alone can heal.
And thanks to many of you who also prayed for her :D

Faye - home on the farm

Also thankful for a productive (calm!) weekend at home.

And thankful that Tate got a space on the Zodiac trip this year,
coming up in a couple weeks!

Creating...  well, order from chaos, one of my favorite things!
I "fixed" a pair of Wyatt's jeans,
hemmed new curtains for the family room (so fancy... ha ha!),
finished a project for a friend,
shifted my dresser and closet around so the warm-weather clothes are more accessible,
(I know, this is thrilling stuff, right?!)
caught up the ironing,
caught up the laundry (although that never lasts),
moved the living room furniture around (access to fix broken window),
cleared off my desk (mostly),
and put fresh sheets on our bed :D

Going...  to stay home today :D

Out on the Olympic Peninsula, my parents saw this...

Reading...  Kevin deYoung's The Good News We Almost Forgot..

Looking forward to...  an imaginary time when I am caught up on everything.
When will that be?

In the kitchen...  if I can keep the momentum going,
I'll make some home-made soup and bread for dinner.

In the learning rooms...  of course we're taking a holiday today.
Tate has finished two of his three homeschool subjects - he finished his Logic course months ago,
and just wrapped up Biology last week.  Well done, Tate!

Gunnar is doing a great job too, but got "set back" a bit -
we took a few sick days,
and then had some fun visits from this smiley girl

so Gunnar has another 3-4 weeks to go.

Around the house...  fixing the window will be a huge mess,
so I'm trying to put away as much as possible.
Less out to get dirty means less to clean later ;D

The Mother Load...
flowers to pot
cards to make
birthday presents to prepare
(looking into a full-size violin for Mr. G)
more sewing to do
paperwork for insurance to follow-up on
and the usual round of cooking/washing/cleaning.

Noticing that...  both Tate and Gunnar are at a point in their music lessons
where they're still beginners,
but they can play music we recognize - so fun!
I can hear Tate picking out Aloha Oe,
and Gunnar is learning The Blue Danube Waltz.

A favorite quote for today...

Does it make sense to pray for guidance abut the future
if we are not obeying in the thing that lies before us today?
How many momentous events in Scripture
depended on one person's seemingly small act of obedience!
Rest assured: Do what God tells you to do now, and,
depend upon it, you will be shown what to do next.
 - Elisabeth Elliot

One of my favorite things...  FINISHING things!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
remember that tomorrow is TUESDAY when it will feel like MONDAY,
get Gunnar to his violin lesson (don't forget!)
he'll babysit Sammy
the boys will go to CAP
and I will go to Bible study.

If we can just remember that tomorrow is Tuesday,
the rest of the week should fall into place.

Wish me luck ;D

A peek into my world...
as we come into the free time of summer,
maybe I'll figure out what I really want to do with these.

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Monica said...

I am running a day behind because I spent yesterday packing for our trip and making reservations on-line. I hope Tate is feeling better. Your creating list seems pretty exciting to me! All of it! :)
So glad to hear Faye is on the mend and out of danger. Such a precious little one! Today is TUESDAY!!!!!! I have to keep telling myself that too! :) I'm at work and have to remember what needs to be done Tuesday!
Hope your week goes well! I will be mostly off line next week but I'm packing my laptop! LOL!!