Thursday, October 20, 2016

Between The Morning Rain and The Afternoon Rain...

Gunnar and I walked some of the nearby trails,
collecting fungi for his Biology lab.

We successfully located the three types we were looking for.


Shelf fungi

And puff balls.

I know, it looks like an egg, but it's really a puff ball.
Gunnar spotted a patch of them yesterday, coming home from the neighbor's.

We're amazed at how many different ways fungi reproduce.

I'm going to miss homeschooling, when they're all done!


Choate Family said...

Absolutely. Beautiful. Pictures.

Anonymous said...


I just got the most encouraging note (in the mail!!) from you! Thank you so much! It was really special! For the past year, I have been full time in school, studying massage therapy. I will be done in 8 weeks!! It has been a great journey. I hope to start blogging again after I am finished. thank you for thinking of me. You are a wonderful gal. Love, Jena