Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Outside my window...
remember this view out my window?

I remember the afternoon sun filtering through all those gorgeous leaves.

Now it's this.

See?  There's one little red leaf,
hanging on for dear life.

Hearing...  a very quiet house.
What I SHOULD be hearing is Wyatt getting up...
at the crack of 10.

Pondering...  where did Monday go?
How is it already Tuesday?!

Thankful...  to get out for a walk this morning.
I miss having Gunnar to walk with,
but I was greeted by my "friends"...

* work for Kerry!
* health for all of us
* self-discipline in school work and studying
* two friends with cancer
* vehicle issues ( = money issues)
* relationships

blue jeans, white t-shirt, navy sweater, periwinkle socks...
can you guess my favorite color?

Going...  to pick up Gunnar from school and take him to his violin lesson.
And later... a check up at the dentist.  Yipee...

So, you know, clearly we live a life to be envied ;D

Learning...  I am LOVING going to BSF.
We're studying the book of John this year.
I've been in church pretty much all my life,
and I'm learning new things!
(Not crazy, weird things!!! This isn't a cult with a new view on the Bible!)
Just noticing new things.
Love it.

Looking forward to...
hoping to get to hang out with a friend this evening.
Does that sound oh-so-middle-school?
"Hang out"?

Help me out here.
What are we supposed to say at our age?
Neither of us drink coffee, so that's out!

In the kitchen...
I get a lot more excited about cooking, this time of year,
but on Tuesday?  CAP night?
Don't know if anyone will even be home at dinner time!
And Tuesday is cheap pizza day...

In the learning rooms...
Gunnar is doing a really good job, getting used to working more independently.
And Wyatt and Tate?
I don't even know what they're working on most of the time.

Gunnar is dealing with the same frustration Wyatt and Tate faced
when they started back at the public high school...
the (far too many) students who JUST DON'T CARE.
Who literally do NOTHING in class.
Their butt has to be in the seat, but they're not even trying.
So frustrating.

One of Gunnar's teachers actually sent some of the students out of the class.
According to Gunnar, the teacher said something to the effect of,
"You do nothing.
You will fail the class.
So you might as well leave the room and
go somewhere you're not distracting other students."
Good for him.
I think he's awesome.
He'll probably get in trouble.


Around the house...
We've turned the heat on.

Noticing that...
I post a lot of fall photos from my walks.
Are you tired of them?
All starting to look the same?

If I could store up light and color,
the way we charge up our phones...
that's what I'm doing.

Soaking it all in before winter.
Because while snow is beautiful and bright,
most of our winter is heavy on
gray skies, brown dormant bushes and trees,
short daylight hours, and a lot of rain.

Gray.  Brown.  Dark.  Wet.

That's why all the fall photos :D


Something to remember for later...
all the beauty around us TODAY :D

The Mother Load...
* remind Tate to check on Polly, his rabbit
* remind Gunnar to search for whatever in his bedroom seems to beep at 1am
* make an appointment to renew our insurance
* do my BSF homework :D

Watch out for this one, hanging over the trail!

A favorite quote for today...
As we make an offering of our work,
we find the truth of a principle Jesus taught:
fulfillment is not a goal to achieve,
but always the byproduct of sacrifice.
Elisabeth Elliot

A few plans for the rest of the week...
all the usual events,
plus a family birthday celebration this weekend.
As our family has grown,
we've started clumping birthdays.
Do you do this?
There are fifteen of us now.
That's more than one a month, and they're not spread out anyway.
So we'll get together and honor five birthday people :D

A peek into my world...


melanie said...

I've been reading via email and thus not commenting often... but here I am now! ;-)

Because you need to send that teacher a thank you note, so that when he gets his lecture from the admin he will still know his efforts are appreciated. Trying to teach those who actually want to learn. God bless him.

Elisabeth Elliot <3 - always a good challenge. And the book of John? What a rich study that must be with BSF! Glad you are digging in and learning too :-)

EnJOY the sun and color while you've got it!

Lisa said...

Never Ever tire of your photos...any of them, but especially not your seasonal ones.
I go to BSF also. Have you ever done BSF befor? I'm really enjoying this study of John.

I see there is a storm in the Pacific, I hope you will all be fine.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Melanie and Lisa... I'm LOVING Bible Study Fellowship. It's my first time, and starting with John is a great beginning. I love that ALL the BSFs are doing the same study.