Saturday, October 8, 2016

It Was A Misty Moisty Morning...

Familiar words?
If you're a Tolkien fan ;D

It's a very misty, moisty morning here,
so I'm sharing some colorful photos of fall.

Gunnar and I walk by this grapevine regularly.

And we DID walk this morning,
though it looks like this today.

Something about the rain pouring down seems to sweeten the air,
and make the colors more vibrant...
out my office windows.

Our "big storm" earlier this week was happily underwhelming.
A few plastic lawn chairs blew over.
Wet soggy leaves cover the lawn.
The power stayed on.

Gunnar and I walked this morning.
Hearing news about the hurricane in Florida closing Disneyworld
got him thinking about the internship he hopes and plans to do there.

He thinks about it a lot.
And tells me what he hopes to do there,
which mostly has to do with
which ride, or "attraction",
he'd like to work at.

I ended a sentence with a preposition.
Which is not actually breaking a real grammar rule.
That's an old rule for LATIN,
which doesn't always work well in English.
Sometimes fixing a sentence so it doesn't end in a preposition
sounds... ridiculous.

But you probably already knew that, right?

If you're from the deep south you should maybe ignore what I just said.
Don't take that as permission to end just any sentence with a preposition.

If A Beka grammar is to be believed,
and I have my doubts sometimes...
you all walk around saying things like,
"Where's he at?"
"Where'd he go to?"

That chair. Yes.

I think we can move on.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my friend Katlyn
and her adorable toddler Paxson.
Paxson's daddy doesn't want him pictured on social media,
which is your loss,
because ADORABLE.

We somehow managed to walk through the park between rain showers.
In fact, the blue sky in this photo would totally fool you.

Some of us would call that a "sucker hole".
A really big sucker hole.

A sucker hole is a bit of blue sky among the clouds
that leads you into the false hope of a sunny day.
Which, let me assure you,
was not the case.


Can you see the rain?

It's a great day for ducks.

And what a fabulous day for Kerry to be driving to Seattle to retrieve more
from his dad, who is moving.

If your sarcasm radar isn't pinging,
you need it checked.

I'd better quit.
I'll leave you with two more photos...

Same place,
about a week apart,
different time of day.
Phone camera.

Hope you're dry and cozy!


N Rogers said...

Uh-oh! Grammar check on that last sentence! I didn't know that finishing a sentence with a preposition was an "old" rule. My kiddos will be glad to know that! :)

Monica said...

Oh Julie what beautiful photos! I love that kind of weather. We don't get it much around here. I long for a day like that where I can cuddle up with a book or knitting and cuppa... whatever.
I'm more of a Speech geek than grammar... meaning, I know what I am hearing or saying is correct or not but to write it... nawt so much. ;)
Hope you have a great week!
Enjoy those walks with Gunnar while you can!