Saturday, October 15, 2016

Waiting For The Storm

We kind of expect wind and rain this time of year.
Par for the course, y'know?
Had a couple storms already.
Power has been on and off.

But we're supposed to get The Big One later today.
The latest forecast says our location can expect winds up to 70mph,
so we're kind of expecting to lose power.

Don't worry about us.
It's not cold.
We'll still have water and
we'll be able to cook on our gas stove :D

And a warm dry house!

And I can sit inside,
while rain streams down the windows,
and watch all the pretty leaves blow away up to Canada.

Can you tell how all the branches are blowing out to the right?

I love watching the changes.
The dark, dark clouds down the lake...

... the sun breaking through dramatically...

... more dark clouds, racing overhead...

... and the "rain art" on my window.

Kind of looks like a seismograph or something.
It's the power lines :D

Hope you're all tucked in safe and warm,
and prepared for whatever weather comes!


Ritsumei said...

I love watching weather, warm and dry in my snug home. Blizzards, now that I don't have to be in them, have become a favorite. Stay cozy!

Choate Family said...

Cozy is what came to mind for me, too!