Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Almost Hike

Grampa Grasshopper planned a hike last Saturday with a small group from his church and invited Kerry and the boys along.  It was supposed to be somewhere in this area.

But they had a bit of drama along the way.  Apparently the church van wasn't up for North Cascade Forest Service roads and smoke was coming up through the floor boards.  Something to do with transmission fluid and a gasket.  Oops.

What to do while you wait for help to arrive?  You need a project, to keep the boys occupied!  And the youth intern was more than up to the task.

You find a downed tree and a lot of deadfall and build a shelter.  You know.  To survive.

Thankfully someone (me) had packed them a generous lunch, so they didn't have to fall back on anything from the Bear Grylls menu.

And with weather and views like this they weren't exact suffering.
Photo taken by Gunnar

And we won't say too much about how nine people rode home in a smallish pick-up truck.

In spite of missing the hike, it was definitely a testoster-zone day!


Rachael Starke said...

Oh my goodness. What an adventure.

Who wants to bet that the boys probably came home saying it was the best. day. EVER. and they'll be talking about it every Thanksgiving and Christmas for the next umpteen years.

I sinfully covet being that close to that kind of scenery.

Felicity said...

Well at least they had some fun.
Those views are awesome!! I wouldn't mind hiking there.

Ruby said...

Spectacular scenery.
Maybe Grandpa Grasshopper is clever and actually thought this sort of adventure would give the guys a day of unplanned fun. Sure looks fun to me!

melanie said...

Great improv!

It does really look like fun ~ and what a gorgeous view! Good job, Gunnar =)

The dB family said...

What beautiful country! Sounds like a great day despite the lack of hiking. Maybe the bears will move into the shelter later ;o).


leah said...

Well, at least you know that if you ever get lost in the woods, the boys know how to build a shelter!

What a beautiful place to hike (or get broken down and need a pick-up truck ride down the mountain). You definitely have gorgeous views in your neck of the woods!