Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Daze

Not blogging much lately.

Because there isn't much to say about daily days, and that's okay.  We work in the yard.  We play in the sun.  We go to the lake to swim.  Nobody had been attacked by Norbert the Nasty Toe Nibbler lately.

So it's all good.

Except a couple of things...

Tate has been coughing incessantly.  I've been told (by a specialist) that it's not allergies, it's mild asthma that gets aggravated when he gets some kind of respiratory gunk going on.  Uh-huh.  He will cough.  And cough.  And cough.  And at night he only kinda, sorta wakes up.  Or not.  So he'll cough until he gags.  Lovely.  Poor kid.

I know he hasn't been sleeping well, with all the coughing, and neither have I.  He seems to go about two hours, and then cough for half an hour.  And I drag myself out of bed, and I drag him out of bed, and try various meds and inhalers.  Ack.

So the boys and I got all ambitious yesterday, and really deep-cleaned their room.  Which isn't that hard, really, since there's no carpet and all the furniture just slides around on the floor.  And we moved it all, and cleaned under it and behind it.  Which it seems like we did not that long ago, but given the amount of dust bunnies (dust hippos?) we collected I may be wrong about that.  Clearly I am out of running for Mother of the Year.

While I was stripping the beds to wash all the sheets and blankets we decided to go ahead and bunk the other set of beds also.  This is a little tricky, since their bedroom is under the eaves, but there was more room than I had thought, and the boys like it. Because even though they've had bunk beds all their lives, the top bunk is still an object of desire.  Go figure.

And funny thing... after cleaning their room yesterday, I didn't hear any coughing at all last night.  either genius doctor is wrong about the no-allergies/yes-asthma thing, or I was just too exhausted to wake up. 50-50, I'd say, but I'm hoping we're over the worst of that.

Buoyed by a good night's sleep, the boys and I attacked a long-neglected part of the yard they call Some-Area, (like Samaria, but not.)  We weed-whacked, we raked, we shoveled, and we moved hundreds of pounds of rocks (no kidding), and now we have the beginning of a little campfire area.

The other thing on the not-so-good list is the constant worry over the no-work=no-money equation.  Because architects aren't exactly in high demand right now, and we long ago moved from being DINKs (Double Income, No Kids), firmly into the SITKOM category, (Single Income, Two Three Kids, Oppressive Mortgage).  And we really love the house we live in, but if we don't get work soon the house we can afford will probably come on wheels.  Okay, I may be exaggerating.  A little.  Looking at depressing real estate online will do that to you.  But thanks to our gracious church and my generous parents our ship hasn't sunk yet.

So your prayers are always appreciated.  We are trying to trust God and not be anxious while we do whatever we can do.  The boys have been presenting all sorts of interesting (and sometimes even realistic) ideas to save money.

But what melted my heart was this.  As they considered the possibility that we might have to move, their biggest concern was that we must be reasonably close to two places:  Grampa and Gramma's house, and our church.  Because they can't contemplate letting go of either one.

And that is very, very sweet.


tammy said...

Awww. I love this post! Sounds like you're keeping the boys busy and as my grandpa would say, "using some good elbow grease to get the jobs done".

My neighbor just used the word "DINK" with me referring to a new couple (no kids) who moved in by us. As I looked at him blankly, he explained what it was and of course I laughed. I can't wait to use SITKOM with him because we both fall in that category! HILARIOUS!

and then ending it all with what you're boys would miss if you did move ... enlightening. You're boys are truly amazing.

leah said...

Oh, I will pray for a job- soon! This economy is very tough, and I can only imagine how architects suffer in a period of economic downturn.

After you're done with your house, could you come and tidy up my house, too? :-)

Here's to no more coughing fits- hopefully the cause was allergic and Tate will be able to sleep soundly from now on!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

We're hoping and praying. Kerry has several proposals out (to prospective clients) so we're hoping some (or ALL!) of them will choose him.

In the mean time, the boys and I are working and playing. It's amazing now that they're at the age where they can truly help with the work. With the four of us working on a project together we can get a lot done... if they're properly motivated ;D

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Ah, dust. I wonder if that was it. I hope you've nailed it.

And I will pray for you guys -- sitkom...hadn't heard that one! Very creative! Anyway, I hope work comes his way really soon.

And your boys are just about the nicest boys ever. Really.

Rachael Starke said...

Oh, this post makes my heart hurt in the very best way.

Starkes know a thing or two about wearing-out bugs and work trials, and about the God who always, always comes through. We'll keep praying.

Felicity said...

Hi Julie,
I answered your question on my post.
I will keep your family in prayer about work for your husband.

The dB family said...

Ohhh, Julie, you and your beautiful family remain in my prayers! I totally understand what your boys are saying too. My kids would say the exact same thing. It's a good thing when church and family are so important to a child! Praying Kerry gets those prospective clients!

Any more coughing from Tate?

Blessings and hugs!

JulieMom said...

Great post! Glad the boys are resourceful. Teaching them to clean like that is DEFINITELY preparing them to be amazing husbands. :0) How old are your three boys again? My girls are...wait, am I being too pushy?

Have a blessed day, warm in the trust and care of our Savior!