Thursday, July 1, 2010

Testosterzone #16

I think the boys had a nearly perfect time, last weekend.
How could they not?
A little friend from church, Steele, was turning five.

And for his party, his folks planned a campout,
just for dads and boys.
Fifteen boys, aged three to fifteen.
Tents, zip lines, water fights, hot dogs, and pure boy energy.
 Absolutely the essence of boy-ness!

Tent city.

Tate's arsenal.

Gunnar has a plan.

Caught in the middle.

Tate and Wyatt blast away.

Wyatt, in his element.

Gourmet camp food!


And Gunnar's spectacular and long-awaited "Colorful Fire"!

So, so, so much fun!


Q said...

OMGosh . . . off to not be envious of the green, the yard, the tree house, the zip line, and mostly having those fabulous friends for my sons - not to mention the HEART it would take to take on 15 at once. What a brilliant, fabulous time that must have been!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Well, there were 6 dads there, too.

But I'm really thankful for a group of friends like that, and how well they all get along :D

leah said...

My boys would LOVE LOVE LOVE that! What an amazing time for all the fathers/sons!

That zip line looks amazing- what a great ride/toy!

melanie said...

Gotta love a zip line! Was that your home, Cutzi?? What an amazing treehouse. And what a fun time for all ~ and what a special birthday for Steele =) (Dare I ask if this is an annual thing??)
Also love the age range of the friends ~ just like family! ♥

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The treehouse belongs to mutual friends, and is - in fact - their home. Very, very cozy!

Ruby said...

What an absolutel blast! the whole thing just looks fantastic! You are blessed indeed. Boyz rule!

Cutzi said...

These pictures brought a smile to my face! The only bummer part of the whole weekend? I didn't get to be there to see how much fun they were having. Danyale said it was so much fun to look down from the treehouse and see them all having such a blast. Dads and boys alike. And I do think it might be an annual event - I have a feeling those boys would not be opposed to it.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Hi Julie!

Thanks for your comment on my blog about trigger finger/thumb. That's so interesting that your Tate had the same problem too! It was the strangest thing to me when I noticed it. I wondered whether it had been there since birth, but it hadn't. I'm just glad it's taken care of will not recur!

BTW, I'm a lurking reader on your blog. I get your RSS feed! I enjoy reading about your boys' adventures. I'll try to comment more often. Take care!

~ Jen

Felicity said...

Oh wow! Boy paradise!! I just LOVE the treehouse! Looks like so much fun.
Interesting to see the camp chairs, just like ours. It's good to know that some things are so much the same, so far away!!

The dB family said...

That looks awesome!! Bub would have been in there like a dirty shirt!! :o)

Colleen said...

Oh, yeah, if there's a boy heaven, this was it. My guys had a blast (literally and figuratively speaking) ~ enhanced, of course, by the fact that I wasn't there to quell the fun. Although being up in the treehouse, like Danyale, and watching from a distance would have been a delight. But being right there...nope, I couldn't have done it. Which is why it was a guy thing.

(Oh, and how apropos that in the group pic "buddies" Jan is sitting there texting or whatever. Ack!)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Watching from the tree-house would've been just perfect!

And Jan, with the phone... well, at least he's there, with all the little boys, being a good sport about it :D (And he does show up in all the water-fights.)