Friday, July 16, 2010


In a startling breach of family tradition we actually celebrated someone's birthday
on their actual birthday
(as opposed to the nearest weekend).
Wyatt turned 14 on Tuesday. 

I can hardly believe it.

We had a really fancy party...
... in the backyard, followed by...
... present time...
... Aunty Tami cleverly attached money to one of Wyatt's favorite snacks -
Rice Krusty Krispy Treats...
... while Tate watched from his own chair...
... Gunnar wanted a closer look at Wyatt's RC Helicopter...
... followed by Wyatt's favorite -
raspberry pie.

While it was not quite as breath-taking as last year's party,
when he learned he was going to Disneyland,
we had a fun time celebrating and he was thrilled to receive enough
money and gift certificates to buy a new skateboard he's been wanting.

More pics of that later...

But my oh my, what a year this has been for Wyatt!
Seems like he is changing before my eyes
from a boy to a young man.
Okay, the boy is definitely still there (!) but I see him growing and maturing.
Doing more things independently.
Acting and looking more mature.
(Did you catch the peach fuzz on his upper lip?)

Seems like just yesterday he was
this little monkey!
(Vacation, 2002)

Happy Birthday, Wyatt!


Felicity said...

Happy birthday to Wyatt!! My Ben had his birthday on Wednesday (I'm too slack tohave posted it immediately...) You have a very good-looking young man there. I love his face and smile when he's opening his presents!

The dB family said...

I was just thinking looking at the photos that Wyatt looks so different from when I first discovered your blog. Fourteen! Such a handsome boy! My almost fourteen y.o. is sprouting some fuzz too. He's wondering if he should start shaving. How is that possible?!?

A very Happy Birthday to Wyatt!! He looks like he had a really great day!