Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Figure

So, we took the little barn owl to the rehabilitation place this morning.

Their goal, of course is to rehabilitate and release animals to the wild.  However, they also have several large raptors that can't be released for a variety of reasons, which they keep "for educational purposes".  They'll do programs at schools, for instance.

And they're funded entirely by donation.  (And fees for their shows.)  And they depend heavily on volunteers that care for the animals, do educational shows and tours, and probably a great deal of unpleasant and messy work.

So you'd think they'd be more friendly.

Actually the man that met us was nice enough.  But the woman in charge... well, maybe we caught her on a bad day.  She wanted us out of there as quickly as possible.

No reinforcement to the kids that they'd done the right thing in helping the owl.

No thanks for going out of our way to rescue the bird (according to her instructions) and drive it more than 20 miles to their facility.

No taking the opportunity to educate the kids about what they do there or about any of the animals.

And, no, we may not look around at the captive never-to-be-released animals in plain view, because it wasn't the one half-day a week they're open to the public.

Go figure.


Felicity said...

Oh yes, we've met those types too - you wonder how their establishments stay afloat if they treat people like that!
Well done for saving the little fellow!
I'm passing on a blog award to you since yours is one of my 'favouritist' blogs! You can visit my blog to receive your award :-))

Felicity said...

Thanks Julie - and don't tell anyone yet ;-) - but you may just have me for an almost-neighbour...

Q said...

Truly, no good deed goes unpunished.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Well, we're close to Canada, if that's what you're hinting :D

Organizing Mommy said...

I think you could write a Sienfeld script on the nasty owl workers. Whaatta mean your rescued this owl from the wild? It's not my problem.

Oh, the trouble we go through.. I think people have too much stress in their lives AND
they need the Lord. That's right. They need the Lord.

The dB family said...

Good grief! So much for a great learning experience. I like what O.M. said. Tis true. How far are you from Mt. Vernon?

Abi's Blog said...

I agree with "organizing mommy" People need the LORD in their lives - I'm sad that they didn't allow the boys to look around more, and at least say thank you for "putting your lives in danger!"
At least it looked pretty dangerous to me!