Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blue Angels and Brothers

Even in the summer our PNW (Pacific NorthWest) weather is less than reliable.
In fact, often rainy and cool, as it is today.
And this is SeaFair Weekend in Seattle.
I'm not a big fan of much of anything involving a crowd,
but Uncle Dave invited Kerry and the little grasshoppers
to come down and see the Blue Angels - an annual event.
(I'm including links for some of my not-so-local readers.)
They do their Big Show on Saturday, but Friday's practice session is basically identical,
and, even better, it wasn't raining.
Hey, flexible scheduling is one of the benefits of being un-self-employed.

Uncle Dave has been busily working on his scale model of Disneyland.

I talked with him by phone while the boys were still at his house.  Things were going well for everyone, though he joked about how he appreciates the quiet when they leave.

Well, gee, you bought the drum set.

So, guess what's the best place to see the Blue Angels?
Why, standing on the freeway, of course!
(You didn't guess that?)
Specifically, I-90, which runs from Seattle to Boston.

The infamous they close the bridge(s) to traffic on both Friday and Saturday.
I suppose it would be a bit disconcerting to be driving over the bridge and having
fighter jets screaming just overhead.
For me, anyway.

And for you non-locals, those are floating bridges you're looking at.  They cross the western portion of Lake Washington from downtown Seattle to ritzy-snitzy Mercer Island, - an island in the lake -
and then immediately plunge into a long tunnel,
so that freeway noise and traffic don't spoil the ambiance of the
ritziest-snitziest of the homes.
(Oops, I had a Freudian typo there, now corrected, and we're back to 'family friendly.')
And, of course, you pop out of the tunnel and cross another bridge
and land in Bellevue, the Beverly Hills of Seattle.
At least they think so.

And just for fun, if you know anyone fluent in ASL,
ask them if they know the sign for Bellevue.
You'll laugh.  Trust me.

But I digress...  the bridge is undoubtedly much more crowded on Saturday,
and the lake full of boats.

And... here they come!

Gives me shivers.

They had a mini-male-bondathon, and I spilled my thoughts in yesterday's post,
so a good day was had by all :D

And, in case you're wondering, today they're cleaning
the living room, family room, and their bedroom.

Can you hear my sigh of satisfaction?


Q said...

OH! You've got to explain the sign for Belleview or give me the glosses. One of our local uppity cities, Scottsdale, has a snotty connotation in it's local ASL sign.

Blue Angels - thrilling!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

If I remember right...

make the "b" handshape with your right hand, and push your nose up with the tip of your first finger.


leah said...

Floating bridges? That is AWESOME!

There is a Bellevue in NY (I think) that is a hospital for people with mental disorders...perhaps the people of Bellevue, WA wouldn't be so happy to know that, lol!

Persuaded said...
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Ruby said...

Once again, the perfect boy adventure. Your guys are blessed with lots of these type of experiences. And you couldn't loose them in a crowd :-)

These Are Days said...

First, the V formation? AWESOME!!!

Second, your boys are gorgeous, and drummers are hot...but I am partial to them because I married the hottest one ever.

Third, that sign for Bellevue? Epic!

Q said...

Thank you! Scottsdale is the same thing, but with an 's' hand. :)

The dB family said...

Have I ever said that I love their shirts? Those are the best! Bub would likely suggest them for his sisters though seeing as there's three of them.

What and awesome weekend! I would love to watch the Blue Angels sometime. Waaaay cool!