Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Brain Dump / Leak?

*  The boys are back from Camp Tami and already I'm in a whirl of Civil War chatter, Podger hopping around the living room (take that bunny outside!), I'm-starving-and-I-want-another-sandwich, let-me-tell-you-all-the-lines-I-remember-from-every-movie-we-watched, and Mom-I-want-to-look-at-Nerf-guns-online-right-now (because he wants one for Christmas, so clearly this is urgent.)

*  I got approximately 1/5 of the items crossed off the Mother Load list, so... you know... about par for the course, since some items seem to have been on my list for geologic ages.

*  Since I mentioned Catalog Living recently, and some of you enjoyed it, I thought I'd give you another tip.  My friend Cutzi sent me over to Unhappy Hipsters, a hilarious Dwell-ish angst-fest.  The bizarre thing is, as I lazed away some of my quiet moments while the boys were gone looking through a few - ahem - of their older posts, I could swear I found someone I actually know!  My brother says it's not who I think it is, but I'm not convinced.

photo from Unhappy Hipsters - I tried to link it, above, but the link to the post wouldn't work reliably

*  After discussing the swimming pool with the boys, and getting their consent to list it on craigslist, it was apparently attacked by a pair of hyperactive raccoons in the night, and is lying limply on the yard, awaiting a verdict on whether the damage is patch-able or terminal.

*  And, in spite of being fairly close to the border, the closest we got to the Winter Olympics was my parents' big screen TV.  A few of our friends headed up to the Great White North to take in events or just the general atmosphere, and I've jealously  peeked at all their pictures.  But a couple really caught my eye...

You see, you've gotta understand that living close to the border, we really like our cheesehead Canadian neighbors, but we also love to tease them... about the way they talk - eh, and the way they do things.

Even so, you'd think somebody would've noticed that their window sign...

... really wasn't working as intended from all angles.

Many thanks to Monica Solorio-Snow, who let me use her pictures.
She quilts and blogs at The Happy Zombie, one of the funniest quilting blogs I know!  Not only are her quilts amazing, but she's revealed the secret of The Oregon Button for digital photography.  I'm no expert, but I think it will work in Washington, too.

*  So, the boys are waiting for me to come read some more James Herriot to them, and I have to tell you, since they got home around 5pm, I think I've gotten a hug about every ten minutes from Gunnar.  I know they had a great time, but it's sweet to be missed :D


Ruby said...

Love that sign!

leah said...

It is good to be missed! Have fun with James Harriot and happy boys- their time away sounds like it was a blast!

I love living next to the (Canadian) border- when I came home from Buffalo the other night, I was right next to the Peace Bridge. One wrong turn and I would have been in Canada rather than on the expressway, lol! I like seeing the maple leaf flags waving across the Niagara River- I do wish we didn't need passports to hop over there, though!

happy zombie said...

Go Grasshoppers Go!!! You made my day, Julie!

And I'm still cracking up at your "Dwell-ish angst-fest"... you nailed it!

happy zombie said...

BTW... I had to make a second comment - because the word verify was peecon! The 12 year old in me couldn't resist.

Organizing Mommy said...

Go NAD Go! ROFL. You always find the funny stuff.

The dB family said...

Ah James Herriot. My favorite reading material as a child. Isn't it sweet when they miss you so!

You know we did invent the Canada Arm and the zambonie, eh ;o)?


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ahhh, Deborah,

we love to tease ;D