Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tour de Whatcom

I've always said that if you could harness Wyatt you could light Seattle.  That boy has more energy than anyone I know. Anyone I've ever known.   (If he could just keep it pointed in the right direction...)

Well, Grampa Grasshopper had a great idea.  He, Wyatt, and Uncle Dave could all enter this year's Tour de Whatcom and have three generations riding together - fun!  Though I'm sure my dad and brother could've gone further, they entered the 25 mile ride, (as oppposed to the 50, or the 100), and everyone had a good time.

Here they are at the half-way point.

Wyatt looks like he's just out for a ride around the block.

Uncle Dave, looking good.

Actually, they're all looking pretty fresh!

And at the finish line...
We missed getting a finishing pic of Wyatt.

But look at these guys... 25 miles, pfft, no big deal.
Well done!  :D

No idea who this is.  We just got a giggle out of his riding duds.

Tate sounds keen to ride next year, and even Gunnar is showing interest!

Tate, Gunnar, and Uncle Dave

And Wyatt?  If we could only get him on a ride like this...  Every.  Single.  Day.


melanie said...

They all look very young and athletic!

(the guy with the shark helmet is pretty funny!)

And thanks! I won some swagbucks doing a search for the tour =)

h west said...

Alrighty, Herding Grasshoppers. I can see that we would be super friends if we lived closer. . .I just found your blog from a comment on somebody else's blog. I have 6 kids and homeschool and my oldest son is named 'Wyatt'. He's 13 and loves baseball too. He's a pitcher. He also has the tons of energy thing going on. My next son's name is 'Morgan'- yes, like the Earps. My other son is 3 and my other 3 kids are girls.

Anyway, thought I'd pop in and say hi to a fellow grasshopper herder. I'll be back often.

Organizing Mommy said...

Some seriously fit dudes! I'm sure your Wyatt loved every minute of it.

The dB family said...

Wow! I'm impressed! They all look so fit and relaxed! Maybe next year the fifty mile?


melanie said...

Hey Julie,

Can you email me directly (soon)?? pretty please?

We have friends moving out there, and I wanted to give them some info ~ if you'll share =)