Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From the Mind of Tate...

Our pastor and his wife are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.

Yay, Pastor Bert and Jane!

Anybody who stays married for the long haul, in this decaying society, deserves a party :D

So I had the boys make cards to give them at the reception after church.
Which they labored over, and I promptly forgot.
Brought them to the softball potluck.

Wyatt, being a mature 14-year-old, folded a paper in half twice, and wrote his congratulations, while Tate and Gunnar broke out the arts and crafts materials.

Gunnar painted a lovely picture of the front of the chapel...
and wrote a very nice message on the back.

Tate labored for days to produce...
... this amazing battle scene.

For a boy who really would rather be outside digging holes than doing most fine motor stuff (you know, like writing), I was amazed at the level of detail.

Still, I was a bit... hmmm... challenged in my motherly abilities to both praise him for the effort and attention to detail, yet also reconcile his somewhat unusual subject matter
for an anniversary card.

He had lots of nice things to say about Pastor Bert and Jane,
who we genuinely love.  But we needed something to tie this in...

We put our heads together and came up with something along the lines of
45 years of battling the odds.

Pastor Bert and Jane are wise and gracious enough
to recognize this for the labor of love that it is,
God bless them.


Organizing Mommy said...

I love the 45 years of battling the odds. What great pictures and what a nice thing to celebrate!! Your kids sound like a blast. Thanks for being my blogging friend. I haven't told you in a while, so I'm sending my hugs.

leah said...

Your boys definitely have a talent for art- especially Tate. That scene is AMAZING.

Of course, staying married for 45 years is pretty amazing, too. Especially in this day and age!

Q said...

Fabulous, all the way around!

The dB family said...

Lol! Brilliant! Tate did put a lot of time and detail into it! Forty- five years. That is so awesome! I'm glad you could celebrate with them!


melanie said...

That IS quite the battle scene. I'm so glad you were able to come up with a suitable sentiment to go with it! =)

And kudos to the faithful couple! ~♥~ God is good ~♥~

Felicity said...

I just LOVE the artwork!!! Both of them are awesome! 45 years definitely deserve a party!

Ruby said...

Great art work boys!
You did very well to tie in the subject matter. I am sure this lovely couple, if they have children and grandchildren, particularly boys, will really appreciate this masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

I have or I should say we - have come back from vacation and are into the schedule of things again. READING THIS BLOG again, we are reminded of the specialness of our church family. We did love the cake and all the cards at church - what a special time. We loved the boys cards - and yes, Tate won the most creative card. We appreciate all the effort and work that went into making it special - a save for sure! Thank you for loving us -we love you all! PB&j (Pastor Bert and jane) p.s. Julie, we love your blog and hearing of all the "grasshoppers" happenings!!!!