Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Ready

I love having a room dedicated to schooling.  Not that we're trapped in there - far from it - but it does help contain the mess projects and work-in-process.  And for my boys, I think it helps them focus.  Especially since Daddy Grasshopper works out of the home and tends to enter the house talking.  (On the phone, to us, to himself... I'm just sayin', it's a wee bit distracting at times.)

So we've carved out a sanctuary upstairs.  (Most of the pics are from this spring.)

We picked up this table and chairs from Craigslist, and it just fits the four of us fine.
The boys' bedroom is right across the hall and Wyatt often takes his work over there if he wants less distraction.  Tate can just turn his HA off if I'm working with one of his brothers :D

Most of our science supplies are in that colorful storage unit.

I only keep the books that we're likely to use frequently in the school room.  The rest of our 'library' is down in the family room.  Let's face it.  When you have a 108 year old house, you think twice about keeping a lot of books upstairs.

Since our school room is really a bedroom, we have a nice big closet for more of our stuff.

And since I finally got around to organizing it this summer, it's much more useful.
Imagine that.
The three blue tubs have each boy's daily work, and below them are arts and crafts supplies, and more science supplies.  Math books awaiting handing down are below, and the drawers hold over-size paper, maps, and records.

And out the window...

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Q said...

I LOVE your cheery upstairs room! Goodness, I think I'd be happy just walking through that door. Must admit though, I (because I live in the desert and don't know of such things) would be hard pressed to do anything but sit at that window and gaze at the view ~ delicious!

Welcome to the hop!

The dB family said...

I love your classroom. It's so warm and inviting! I'm sure the hours go by quickly when you're all quietly working in there.


Yunia said...

what a beautiful view - thanks for the tour - have a great school year

Anonymous said...

I love the color in your warm and what a lovely view!

SisterTipster said...

I think I'd find myself looking out the window a lot! Such a nice big room...

Mom Guide said...

Zena, Queen of the Testosterzone! Okay I am using that this fall for co-op. You room looks so peaceful. The view is amazing. Have a blessed school year.

leah said...

I absolutely love your learning room- it is so cheery, calm, bright.. the best place to soak up knowledge! I am so excited for "school" to start- I love hearing about the things you guys are studying!

Eclectic Education said...

Looks so bright and cheery! :) Cute use for the changing table! It's so nice when you can find 2nd uses for things. I hope you have a great year!


rawbanana said...

I love old homes!! That raised closet is so sweet. You did a good job using the space. Have a great school year!