Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Big Day for the Bunnies

Our first bunny came with a hutch.  A very, very sturdy hutch that kind of scared me.  It sat on the ground and the roof opened up on hinges for access to the cage.  The very, very heavy roof made of now-water-logged-and-very-slippery wood and metal.  Honestly, I worried that if one of the boys was leaning into the cage and the lid fell on him it would crush his rib cage.  That heavy.  And with two bunnies living in it, well... things were getting pretty muddy.

So Kerry and the boys built the bunnies a new hutch.  You know, upscale bunny condos :D  And just as they finished building, it began to snow, and the boys got sick.  And nobody wanted to dismantle the old hutch feeling like that, in weather like that, so they just moved the bunnies into their new home... in the garage.

But today was the day.  Taking advantage of a break in the wet weather, they got the old hutch taken apart and the space prepared for the new hutch.

Here it is... emerging from the garage.  Woo-hoo!

Tate has both the doors open to get the bunnies out and clean their boxes.

Wyatt, with Podger.

And here you see the architect, shimming and balancing the legs of this amazingly well-designed hutch ;D
There are doors on each end, as well as the doors in the middle, and the two "condos" are identical.  The boxes on the top are completely enclosed, except for a holes at the tops of the ramps, and are separated by wire mesh so the bunnies can be cozy, but can't get at each other.
The divider on the lower level is removable, though that may be wishful thinking.
We had hoped they would get along and be able to share space, but at this point...
well, it's been a biology lesson, for sure, and we'll be keeping them separate for the time being.
For Poly's sake.  Sort of protective custody.



Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Wow! That's a bunny mansion. Lucky critters!

melanie said...

Lookin' very upscale there! =)

Felicity said...

That's one very nice bunny cage!!
Our bunnies live on the ground - but we don't get that much rain here, so it's never really very muddy.
Happy Bunny Days.

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE - all who participated. Podger and Poly are 'living in luxury'. This truly is a condo compared to what they had before. Gramma Grasshopper

The dB family said...

That is a beautiful hutch. I would be a happy bunny in there!


Ann said...

Awesome hutch!!

leah said...

What a beautiful hutch! Joey's right - it is a rabbit mansion! Matthew is still begging for a pet rabbit... we may end up trying to build something similar, lol!

I hope the two rabbits learn to tolerate each other soon (catching up on the blogs... have to go and read about the new bunny)!