Saturday, March 5, 2011

Praying and Other Things

I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the prayer prompts and finding them helpful... I know I do :D

Since I'm such a high-tech mom (ha ha ha ha ha), I've written them on 3x5 cards, attached together with a little snap ring.  That's this:

Then I can just flip from one to the next each day.

The order doesn't matter at all, (well, okay, I did put Salvation first on purpose!), and I didn't number mine.  If I miss a day, I can just keep right on going.  Or flip through to whatever seems to be the need of the day ;D

Which today would probably be something along the lines of working diligently.  *sigh*

The general game plan around here is that the boys have regular chores during the week, but Saturday is for big jobs.  And oh, the aaaaagggoooooonnyyyyyy.

They're supposed to be picking up branches and cones that have blown off the giant fir tree in the front yard.  Not a difficult job, but tedious.  And all three of them have needed to come inside to consult with me about one thing or other.

*  Yes, that looks like an old battery - throw it in the garbage. 
*  Yes, you have to put the cones in garbage bags to take to Grampa's burn pile.
*  I understand you don't find this "point-ful" but you have to do it anyway.
*  No, you're not getting paid. ( Do I get paid for laundry and cooking and cleaning?)

Then they're supposed to disassemble the old bunny hutch and replace it with the new, wonderful bunny hutch they have completed.  You'll get pictures when they get it moved out of the garage.

In the mean time, there's good news - Tate has gone for two nights without coughing fits.  Either that or I'm too exhausted to hear him, but I think the former.  Hallelujah.


The dB family said...

Brilliant idea! I have lots of those clips (somewhere). Children are universal. You should have heard the tragic production here this afternoon when one of the children was asked to tidy their room properly.

Hooray for no more coughing fits. We're in the depths of them here. If it's not Murray it me. Ugh!


melanie said...

Ahhh, Julie ~ I need to 'catch up' with the prayer posts. We've been gone a couple days... and are home again... complete with two very sick daughters (who were away a full week). :-\

I am glad to hear that Tate is getting better!

Ruby said...

I have been off the computer for the best part of two weeks so it is nice to visit and find everyone home and running pretty much as usual at your place.
Strange how young fellows do not see the correlation between the difficult, tedious, must do chores they have to do and our day to day running the place.