Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful, Yes; Genius, No

We made it!

Thirty days of praying for our kids!

Thanks for joining me!

(Now... lather, rinse, repeat.  Right?!)

And I (sort of) apologize for not having many other posts this month.  I preloaded the prayers and spent less time blogging.  For which I'm thankful :D

I'm also thankful for a simple solution to what seemed like a crisis this morning.

I was balancing my checkbook.  Can you hear the moaning and groaning?

I know, some of you think I'm really organized and together.  I like being organized.  I like schedules, plans, clear and clean surfaces, a tidy office, and ducks in a row.  That works for me.  And I used to reconcile my checkbook every single month.  You know, to see how we were doing with our monthly budget categories.  (Larry Burkett would've been so pleased...)  Not so much anymore.  We won't talk about why.

But, since Kerry has an appointment with our good friend at H&R Block this afternoon, I needed some data from the checkbook and it seemed like a good time to get all caught up, right?  Well, I'm not going to tell you just how far behind I was, but when I got to November and December's statements I nearly panicked.  There were more than twenty errors.  More than twenty check numbers appeared twice, with different amounts!  I don't write that many checks a month, so we're talking more than a month's living expenses!  What had happened???  Had somebody 'hacked' my checking account?  Were there other problems I hadn't discovered yet?

Can you guess?  (Probably!)

By the time I got a  friendly, helpful credit union employee on the line it was beginning to dawn on me.  I had ordered new checks and accidentally 'overlapped' the last book, so I had 25 checks with duplicate numbers.

Crisis averted.  Celebration in order (in the form of hot chocolate).

So, as I said...

Thankful, yes; genius, no.


melanie said...

btdt - the reconciling of many, many months. But fortunately for me, we haven't doubled up the check numbers... yet. (We did open a second checking account, but hopefully it will never catch up...)


I am resolved (again, yeah) to keep up on my computer accounting. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
If I actually do make it through the summer, we'll probably buy different software about November 15th or so, doncha think? ((murphy's law of something))


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That's so stressful! Once I had one of those moments with my checking account. No matter what I couldn't get my numbers to match the online balance. My husband intervened and looked all the way back to the beginning where the bank had through some glitch started my account off with a zero balance instead of the initial deposit. So everything was about $800 off. I nearly tore my hair out!

So glad you got yours figured out with hair still intact!

The dB family said...

Ohhh that is stressful! I would have been panicking too. It's as bad or worse than when I can't find my wallet! Thankful with you that everything turned out fine!


leah said...

Oh, goodness - I've done that before! I chalk it up to "mommy brain!"

I made it through (most of) the month of prayers. We were out of town for the beginning of the month, but we were here for the rest of it!