Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

Yes, it's time for another round-up of randomness, on a windy and wet morning.

1.  Yes, we celebrated Pi Day.  Not properly, at 1:59 in the morning, but in the evening.  Had Grandpa and Grandma Grasshopper join us for a dinner of turkey pot pie, and a cherry cobbler (it's a kind of pie, right?) for dessert.  Yum :D

2.  Yes, we are still surrounded by snow.  Not here at the house, but in the hills all around the lake.  Spring, anyone?

3.  All is well here, at La Casa de Mentia, though I think the boys are getting a bit stir crazy.  Have I mentioned that it has been raining?  A lot?  I'm a home-body and I can look out the windows (streaming with water) and honestly say,
 It's a perfect day! 

to stay home with a hot drink and a good book.  And school work, of course, always the school work.

4.  Snow, wind, rain, sunshine, hail... yes, you can have it all, in one day in the Pacific Northwest.

5.  We are just two weeks from our Easter concerts.  I'm glad Wyatt has joined in.  He's even talked about doing Messiah with us this Christmas.  And - three cheers for Value Village - I got him his black concert clothes (long-sleeve dress shirt, really nice pants - I think they're wool, and a belt) for about sixteen bucks.  He can use his CAP "dress blues" uniform shoes (which are black).  Whew!

6.  Kerry has a bit of work lined up, at least for a few weeks.  Hear my sigh of relief?  And I think we get to skip a house payment, since we "restructured" the loan.  (I guess that's like refinancing, without all the fees.)

7.  Wyatt and Tate are going to be busy this weekend...  they have CAP commitments both Saturday and Sunday, which is unusual and not my preference (for them to miss church) but they're taking a special (military) radio class, only offered once every two years.  AND, weather permitting, they may finally get their O-Flights!  That would be awesome, but frankly, right now it's not looking too good.  Lots of wind, rain, and low clouds.  We'll see :o)  If not this month, maybe next month.

8.  It's about time for spring cleaning.  Yay!  Is it weird that I'm excited about that?  Around here, that mostly means having the boys try on everything they own, handing stuff down, and unloading what doesn't fit or we don't need.  Funny thing is, Wyatt and Tate mostly wear the same size.  Wyatt is a bit taller, but Tate is a bit stockier, so Gunnar gets "handy-downs" from both of them.  And they're all growing like dandelions on steroids...

9.  We went to a high school musical last weekend.  Wow.  It had some highs and lows, which I won't detail, other than that the musicians (including Kerry's brother's son) were excellent.
*  I will tell you that I didn't expect to pay FORTY BUCKS to see something my tax dollars already pay for. 
*  I will also tell you I didn't expect twenty high school girls (on stage) to all bend over, raise their skirts, and expose themselves to my three sons and the rest of the audience, leopard-print panties or not. 
*  And I will also tell you that we have weeks worth of practice in editing grammar and writing, courtesy of the six-page program we were provided.  I'd like to think that high schoolers know better than to write things like "She has ran...", or that "awesome" is a (much overused) adjective rather than a noun, and that it just might be considered somewhat inappropriate to refer in print to your adolescent male leads as "sexy". 
*  And I'd really like to think that some sort of teacher or adviser or ADULT might have had similar thoughts, but apparently not.

That will be all.


melanie said...

Smiling with you until I read the part about the musical ... Groan.

Google Dunkerton, IA, if you want to roll your eyes with me. And yes, of course, the administration will counteract the truth with another assembly with the opposition next week. Actually you should just listen to Jan Mickelson on WHO radio (yesterday's podcast) to hear his discussion on the real def of "tolerance."

But here's one for the grammar file:

We stopped {for a couple hours} last week at a buffet in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg/somewhere down there... and read some welcoming signs in the window as we approached:

"Your almost there!"


{Sorry for the lengthy comment - next time I'll email!}

dlefler said...

Oh, goodness. I want to take the boys to see a musical and thought a high school musical would be an affordable option (sometimes our local high schools do things like Beauty and the Beast or something of that nature). I would be quite upset at forty bucks for leopard underwear and poor grammar!

I hope the boys have a great CAP weekend and the weather improves!

Crystal in Lynden said...

My hubby and I took our two older sons to see the Lynden High school performance of "Once Upon A Mattress." It's a take off of the fairy tale "Princess and the Pea." We endured appalling, baby behavior from the teen prince and a birds and the bees talk I didn't expect either. I'm glad the innuendo went over their head. I've also been told that high school sports games can be a bit uncomfortable for those of us with young boys. The cheerleaders plus teen public displays of affection can be a bit much. I'm not saying I'm going to avoid these places all together. But it does keep me aware and will make me think twice before I go to another high school musical/play.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yah... I'm debating writing a letter to the superintendent. You know, a here's what was encouraging (yadda yadda yadda) and here's what marred the evening, and then a detailed list. I really expect better from something school-sanctioned.

I don't get why behavior that would be inappropriate in a classroom (or any public place) is suddenly okay because it's in a performance.

Go figure.

They certainly won't be getting any more of MY money.

Felicity said...

Not much fun to have that at a school concert...especially the bending over part..
I heard of a preschoolers' concert that involved some dancing in that modern 'provocative' style -- leaves us all saying, "One more reason why we choose to homeschool!"

Hope your weather improves,


Anonymous said...

I would totally write a letter, they are probably desenatized(sp) that not being appropiate since they are around it everyday.
On the side note, if you want to see a good play around here, there is one that is put on by a lady who does a stupendous job and I think its like $5. a person.

Rebecca D said...

I seriously need to do some spring cleaning myself...
I honestly think you should send that High School and prehaps the school board a letter about that play. Standards that low need to be addressed!

Ann said...

You'd think at some point we'd stop being shocked by what goes on in the high schools. But, no - it just keeps getting more disturbing by the day!

I'll trade you my summer for a bit of your clinging winter. We seemed to miss winter all together this year. :-(

The dB family said...

Yikes on the musical! Ah, and number eight. Ditto here. Happily, Bub only grew and inch this winter and hasn't filled out, so I don't think we'll have to do much trying on of things with him. The girls on the other hand...