Monday, March 26, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, March 26, 2012

Outside my window...  see the picture above?  False advertising.  We had a brief run of warm, sunny days, that actually felt very springy.  I think we even hit 60F and I bet half the people in our county just broke out their lawn mowers for the first time this weekend.  But now... back to clouds and rain.  *sigh*

I am thinking...  just feeling kind of blah.  Not bad, just blah.  Dull.  Looking forward to taking next week off!  Well, mostly off.  Wyatt has some work to do (only where he's fallen behind - I'm not piling on), and Tate may work ahead a bit, anticipating missing some time when he has his surgery, but I'm really not worried about it. 

And thinking about next week - Holy Week - a good time to relax and reflect.  So much better than just "Spring Break".

I am thankful for...  the work Kerry has, that all the boys are healthy, and that we have a warm, dry house on these dark rainy days.

I am praying for... more work, the whole CI process, a productive week, harmony in the house.

I am creating...  plans for next week ;D

I am reading...  Moccasin Trail, with the boys.  Looking forward to more time to read for me.

I am hearing...  Tate ironing his CAP uniform, the furnace blowing, and rain dripping.

From the learning rooms...  10:39, and Tate is already finished for the day, having begun before seven.  Let's see, he's learning about cold and warm fronts, frontier missionaries, using adjectives to improve his writing, and algebraic sentences (ie "the sum of three times a number and the opposite of seven is twenty," means 3N + (-7) = 20. 

Wyatt is reading a biography of Cameron Townsend, free verse poetry about a girl and her family in the Dust Bowl years, and that time in history, he's also graphing quadratic equations, learning more (pre)physics - mass/acceleration/force/vectors/etc. and identifying simple vs. complex vs. compound vs. complex/compound sentences. 

Gunnar, on the other hand, just aced his math test, is also learning about frontier missionaries, is practicing the use of the comma, and is about to launch into a two-week study of crustaceans, and is raising sea monkeys.  Wish us luck.

From the kitchen...  hmmm, maybe chicken sandwiches for lunch, since we won't all be together for dinner, due to choir practice. 

Around the house...  the usual piles of books (just found that overdue library book!), as well as LEGO, and several "cars" from Saturday's Pinewood Derby, put on by our church.  I use the word "cars" loosely, as the boys raced a school bus (Wyatt), a tank (Gunnar), and a BNSF locomotive (Tate).  No trophies here, but lots of fun. :D

Something I want to remember later...  how much Gunnar enjoys using words like "hence" and "thus".

On my mind...  all the reading I want to do!

Noticing that...  arrrgh, are polynomial equations part of the sanctification process???

Pondering these words...  Darth Vader, kilt, bagpipe, unicycle.  Bet you thought you'd never see those words connected.  Check HERE.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.  Now wasn't that worth it?  Just a little weirdness for your Monday.

One of my favorite things...  undercooked brownies, still warm from the oven.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  choir practice tonight, CAP tomorrow, concerts Friday and Saturday, and then - bang - it's Palm Sunday, and the beginning of Holy Week.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

I got nothing... but this National Geographic photo I'm using for my 'wallpaper'.

There.  That feels kind of springy :o)


melanie said...

Just to let you know, I'm really not here reading your blog - I'm actually diligently putting that FREE photobook together... I think I have 500 photos uploaded to sort through and arrange. :o After 3 hours of shopping with two of my girls this afternoon. {that explains it all, right?}

But yes, the Scotch unicycler dressed up as Darth Vader was weird. Thank you for sharing. ;-)

dlefler said...

Way to go Tate, being up and at 'em early! I'm always impressed by the work of older school children - we're still in the learning letters (and beginning to read) phase. Though Matt is quite adept with math, too - my boys seem to prefer it to the language arts!

And Darth Vader on a unicycle? Only in your neck of the woods, haha!

Ann said...

Your reference to the Darth Vader clip made me laugh all over again without even having to re-watch it! That was quite the experience!

I love Gunnar's vocabulary! Steven uses words like that, too, and it's so much fun!

The dB family said...

Bahaha! Now I get the word combination. You too have so much reading and so little time? The book list. It's ennnnddddllllessss! Hope you find some time to read this week!