Friday, March 23, 2012

Yet Another Friday Brain Dump

 Well.  It has been quite a week.  A week where I said Well a lot.  And several other things not fit for publication.

1.  Last Saturday I woke up and looked out my bedroom window at this.

Just in case, you know, the weather might be different on the other side of the house, I walked over and checked.

Normally... well, there is no normally.  Most days, at any rate, I wouldn't care, but Wyatt and Tate had been waiting a long time for their CAP O-Flights.  Good thing they're patient, because it was completely socked in.  But...

2.  Lo and behold, the afternoon was a different story.  Thankfully, I had insisted they take cameras with them just in case.  You see, one Saturday a month they volunteer at the Heritage Flight Museum, so they were going there, either way.  Wyatt, who actually got to fly over our house - I heard them buzzing us - being a genius fifteen-year-old, left his camera in Kerry's 4Runner, but Tate diligently remembered.

Ta daaaa!

Taking off...

Over the bay

Back over the airport

A county park we like to visit

Out over the bay and islands

Of course, boys being boys, it did not occur to either of them to ask someone else to take a photo of them with the pilot, or with the airplane, or...

3.  Of my babies actually flying the airplane.  Which, yes, they got to do!  They informed me it was much easier than driving a car, since there's not much pesky traffic to deal with.  Also, they left the more complicated bits, like taking off and landing, to the actual licensed pilot, which was a good decision by all involved.  Still, they flew!  They really flew!

4.  Tuesday, Tate had decisions to make.  As reported below, he has chosen his CI.  We had a really interesting appointment.  I had no idea there were so many options and "doo-hickeys" (not the actual technical term) to choose from.  We also pled our case again, for trying to move the surgery date sooner.  And I think some of you were praying, because...

5.  I got an email the very next day, offering us May 30!!!
Yes, we're just a wee bit excited!

6.  And distracted.  Two ladies - friends of a mutual friend - who were both implanted as adults, dropped by on Wednesday to talk with Tate - answer any questions, chat, etc.  And while we were visiting, I was less-than-attentive to the bean soup I'd left bubbling away in the kitchen.

7.  And the bean soup burned.  And let me just tell you - that is a smell you'll thank me you missed.  Not only did I ruin the my new soup pot (the one I got, to replace the one I ruined when corn burned to the bottom of it... Julia Childs, I'm not), but the whole house smelled like an ashtray.  A very old, dirty ashtray.

8.  Which was just fabulous, since the church youth group was coming for dinner.  Thankfully I had also made a big pot of potato soup, that was safe, in the crock-pot, and there was plenty for every one.  We just banished the burned soup (to deal with later), lit a bunch of candles and pretended the house didn't smell like a chain-smoker had been living here.

9.  Then, in an effort to get rid of the lingering smell, the next morning I hand-washed all the furnace filters, cutting my finger in the process.  Yah.  Genius.

10.  And in all the hubbub, I managed to completely forget my parents' anniversary.  Which was Tuesday.  The day Tate and I were in Seattle, and Grandma Grasshopper was picking up her new car.  (New car smell!  That's as close as I'll get to it!)  But good grief... forty-seven years, and I FORGOT!

Happy Anniversary!!!

The boys wanted to take them to Coldstone, to celebrate.  And I still forgot.

11.  Late last night, Gunnar came out of the garage and a rat ran right over his foot.  A rat!  Ewwwww.  I had a discussion with the boys about cleaning up really well under and around the rabbit cage, so there's nothing to draw unwanted rodents.  Tate suggested that the rat was probably attracted by the remnants of the bean soup (still outside... I despair) but rats are actually known to be intelligent, thus ruling out the attraction-by-burned-soup theory.  Nice try, but you still have to clean up around the rabbits.

12.  Well, I think I'm on empty.  So it's time to close.  And what are you doing, still here, reading, anyway?!  ;D


Crystal in Lynden said...

Oh, I hope they take a camera every time they get to go up. Love those aerial shots.

The dB family said...

I do believe we lived rather parallel weeks this week. I burned the beets and broke the handle off the pan while trying to clean out as much of the stench as possible. Then I cut my finger wide open on the food processor blade. I embarassingly didn't have the distraction you had though. Whew! I hear you on the stale ashtray smell. Gag!!

Praise the Lord on an earlier start date!!! No wonder you were distracted. That's LESS THAN two months away!!!

Love the photos! Your Momma heart didn't do a flip flop when you saw them? Mine did! Eeeks! I'll let my boy stay with swimming and rowing ;o).

Blessings and hugs!

Ann said...

What am I doing still reading? Laughing! Because sometimes my weeks are like that, too, and I'm either going to laugh or cry. Laughing is much more fun! :-)

The Squirrel said...

I agree... It couldn't be the soup...

melanie said...

And The Squirrel should know {being a rodent and all}

{JUST kidding, Nice Friendly Squirrel!!!}

Herding Grasshoppers said...

We welcome squirrels ;D

Rats, not so much!