Monday, March 12, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, March 12, 2012

Outside my window...  trees bending and tossing in the wind.  It's been pretty wild here the last couple of days, but - NO - my power didn't go out.  (Yay!)

I am thinking...  something kind of funny, kind of cool happened last night.  I'll tell you later.  Also, would you believe that it snowed here again yesterday?  Didn't stick at our house, but we can see fresh snow up in the hills, and we're supposed to get more tomorrow.  Really???

I am thankful for...  good news in the family, a warm dry house in all this rain, healthy boys, and that we took that big tree out last summer.  With all this wind...

I am praying for...  work for Kerry, a friend's new baby, a smooth week of school work.

I am wearing...  oooo, get ready... blue jeans, black t-shirt, green sweater, wool socks.  A-MAZ-ING.  /sarcasm

I am going...  to fold Mt. Laundry today.  Whoopeee.

I am reading...  Soft Rain, with the boys - about the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

I am hoping...  the weather lightens up a bit.  It's crazy out there!

I am hearing...  well, the wind, of course.  It makes a fascinating sound in the windows... sort of  harmonic.  It's like I can hear a minor chord in the windows.  Weird.  Otherwise, the house is quiet.  Wyatt is doing his Bible study, before starting his school work.  Tate and Gunnar are helping neighbors look for a lost chicken.  (Oh, Hildegarde, where are you?)  Hope they're back soon...

From the learning rooms...  Wyatt - finding and factoring square roots; the turn of the century and WWI; motion, acceleration and velocity; and the usual round of writing and grammar.  Tate - plugging along through pre-algebra; learning meteorology; and - with Gunnar - reading about "Native American Struggles".  Gunnar - getting a good start on next year's math by working on units of measurement, graphs, charts, etc.; spelling/reading/writing; and a two-week study of Cnidarians.  (No, those are not space aliens.  That's sea anemones, jelly-fish, and corals.)

From the kitchen...  soup and bagels for lunch today.  Maybe I'll start some fresh bread for dinner :D

Around the house...  pretty tidy, due to the in-laws being in town for the weekend.

Something I want to remember later...  oh my word, Gunnar never stops talking!!!  He's just got a lot to say.  And he's smart.  He'll tell you all about the barred owl we saw in the park, the latest Monk episode we watched, the merits of Schleich vs. Safari (very realistic toy plastic animals), the book he's reading (Wesley the Owl), and echinoderms.

On my mind...  how do you "not worry"?

Noticing that...  I know I've said it before, but just how fast the boys are growing and maturing.

One of my favorite things...  hot cocoa on a cold day :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  choir practice tonight with Wyatt, CAP tomorrow, and - other than school - I think the rest of the week is open.

Sorry, no picture today.


The dB family said...

We have had lots of wind too. And rain. It's very spring-like here the past two days. I sure hope we don't get snow next week when they all go back to school. I just might have to hide in my room and weep ;o).

Have a good week! Stay warm and dry!


melanie said...

Definitely a Schleich fan here! {except when they are all out of their barns and I want to vacuum...} ;-)

Our whirlwind ride through the South has us more than eager for spring! The green and flowery part, not the tornadoes :-\ Glad you didn't have to reset all your clocks again! :D

Ann said...

We've had the wind, too! Today is amazingly calm. But, our wind has brought in heat and humidity instead and snow. We're getting the shorts out as quickly as possible! :-)