Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That's My Boy

Gunnar and I are learning about crustaceans this week.  Today, his zoology book showed us pictures of two crabs, very like these.

It explained that female crabs (which lay eggs) have a wider abdomen, thus, the crab on the top is the female.

Gunnar seemed disappointed.  He had thought the crab on the bottom was the female.


It's cleaner.


tammy said...

I love it!

melanie said...


The dB family said...

Tell Gunnar he hasn't met my daughters ;o). They'd be working right in Dinopolis with him.


Rebecca D said...

I am laughing out loud! So funny and true! ;)

Ann said...

That is too awesome!!

Choate Family said...

He needs to come visit Marulaon - it's easy to tell the difference in coconut crabs. The females have "brushes" on their legs to help scoop up important things to fertilize their eggs :-)