Monday, March 5, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, March 5, 2012

Outside my window...  rain, rain, rain.  And let me see... more rain.  

I am thinking...  what a good day it is to be inside, warm, and cozy.  I have a vanilla (sugar cookie) candle in the school room :D

I am thankful for...  my friend Kimberly's baby arrived safely :D, everyone here seems to be getting over their colds, Kerry may have some work coming in, and (shock and awe) I tidied up my office over the weekend.

I am praying for...  Tate's upcoming surgery (still no date - surgeon was out of town last week), endurance in our school work (this is such a blah time of year), work for Kerry, and peace in the house.

I am going...  to get school started momentarily, to start some bread for lunch, and get the laundry caught up.

I am reading...  The Cabin Faced West, with the boys.

I am hoping...  to hear from Children's :D

I am hearing...  wind and rain.  So thankful for my cozy, warm, dry house.

I am remembering...  our first (much smaller) house, and rainy days with three little boys.  *shudder*

From the learning rooms...  all three boys have math tests today - their schedules don't often align like that.  Gunnar is launched into his 5th grade (next year's) math.  It's kind of fun to start a new book in the middle of the year because the first few lessons are a lot of review.  He did 22 lessons in two days.  Which is to say, he didn't DO all of them.  Show me you understand the concept and we just turn the page.

From the kitchen...  lots of evening activities this week, so I'm planning some main meals at lunch time... must get the bread machine going with some cheesy, onion bread for today :D  And soup.  It's definitely a soup day.

Around the house...  fairly tidy, which is a great thing.  For me, a cluttered environment is stressful.  I can't think well in a messy room.  Anyone else?

Something I want to remember later...  something Gunnar said.  We were watching Monk.  We think he's fascinating, and like to watch him unravel the clues.  We DON'T like seeing murders, so we look away at the beginning.  (Not all of them are gruesome, but some... ick.)  Gunnar summed it up, "Kids shouldn't look at that.  Too creepy.  Too much gore.  Too much sin."  Yes, sweet child, that is too much sin to look at.

On my mind...  juggling everyone's schedules.  And it's not even that crazy.  Yet.  When Children's sets the surgery date, that also sets in motion a whole season of follow-up appointments, mappings, therapy, etc.

Noticing that...  time to drop off another load at consignment and Goodwill.

Pondering these words... 
Job, have you ever in all your life
commanded a day to dawn?
Have you ordered the dawn to seize the earth
and shake the wicked from their hiding places?
Daylight makes the hills and valleys stand out
like the folds of a garment,
clear as the imprint of a seal on clay.

Well, it isn't exactly that kind of morning.  But I've seen morning like that - beautiful and crisp.

One of my favorite things...  tying up loose ends.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  choir practice, boys' club, CAP, youth group, and... PTO DAY :D

Here is a picture I am sharing... 

I know, it's an oldie... but a cutie :D


Felicity said...

Definitely a cutie!
I cannot function in a messy environment, but I lack the ability to keep my environment tidy, especially with little people around me all day long!! I have discovered that I can look after myself quite well thank you but I find looking after so many others... well, I just don't get to everything...
Will the rain stop soon, and give way to warmer weather?

dlefler said...

Gunnar is so cute in that picture (I love boys in ties)! I hope you hear from Children's soon. I called the hospital to find out the time of Nolan's surgery tomorrow, but we can't find out until after 3pm today. UGH. We'll drive up to Rochester and then call the hospital once we're in the Ronald McDonald House.

Spring is going to be busy for everyone, it seems!!

Rebecca D said...

I need a tidy house, but I need people to leave me alone in it for five minutes for it to happen... I was just going to do a post on this! :)