Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Secrets of the Universe

In the school room, I watch one of the boys reach into the bucket for a pencil.
He pulls one out, looks at the tip - dull - and puts it back.  Then repeats the process.  And again.  With a look of growing disgust.

Um, son?  There's a process here you're missing.  It's a fairly simple one.  It goes like this:

 If you want the pencils to be sharp, then

you have to sharpen them.



Luke said...

[cough] Totally done that kind of thing before.


dlefler said...

Your boys must be telepathically connected to my boys. Matthew, this morning:

"THere isn't a TOWEL on my TOWEL bar!!!!!"

(said with great indignation)

"Well, then, my boy - get one out of the closet!"

Sigh... :)

Ann said...

Laughing!!! Love it!

Of course, I hate unsharpened pencils, but I don't like to sharpen them. I lazily resort to mechanical pencils! :-)

The dB family said...

Lol! Totally typical kid. At least you don't have one that likes to sharpen pencils so much she will promptly sharpen them to stubs. Yep, that's my Peanut! The rest, well they're more the hmmm, where's a sharp one kind.


Q said...

And . . . if you sharpen them all, and keep them point side up in the can, then they aren't always dull and broken! :)

We've had similar issues here and now everyone has their own pencil bag of supplies. You lose it, you replace it.

Ahh . . . household mechanics!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Now, see... I'm a pointy-end-down kind of gal ;D