Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Grasshopper Days and Wings of Freedom

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Outside my window...  a cool evening.

Hearing...  a light breeze rustling the leaves, and birds chirping... robins especially, but I've been seeing a black-headed grosbeak and boy do they sing!

Pondering...  still catching up on posting pics... the boys volunteered with their Civil Air Patrol group when the Wings of Freedom WWII aircraft came to town.  The boys aren't here to ask (they're AT Civil Air Patrol this evening), but there were at least four aircraft.  Not sure I posted a pic of the B-25, but the rest are labeled (from the outside, anyway.)

Praying...  for our living room project (replacing large window) to go smoothly and QUICKLY.  Because, you should see the state of my living room (shudder).

Thankful...  Wyatt and Tate both have jobs (WOO-HOO!) and Kerry is keeping really busy.  That's always good :D  And we got a little rain.  It's still a lot dryer here than usual, but a couple of days of rain sure cleared the air :D

B-24 Liberator

Wearing...  jeans shorts and a blue t-shirt.  Whoopee.

Creating...  I just got a call that my sewing machine is ready to be picked up.  (I've had it about fifteen years and it was running fine, but due to be serviced.)  I'm looking forward to starting a new sewing project :D

Going...  to decide what to do with all the wonderful leftover turkey meat :D  I cooked a big bird on Monday, while the weather was cool AND it was Wyatt's b'day.  I use the leftovers like chicken in all kinds of recipes.  What to do this time... hmmmmm.

Gunnar, hard at work ;D

Reading...  in between books right now.  Reading aloud to the boys a Miss Julia book.  Not their usual fare, but it's so descriptive we're all enjoying it.

Looking forward to...  well, camping in September and traveling in October, but in the meantime...
having friends to dinner on Thursday, and celebrating Wyatt's, Kerry's, and my cousin-in-law's b'day in a couple weeks.  (Is cousin-in-law a word?  You know, my cousin's husband.  It makes sense.)

P-51 Mustang - Dual Control Trainer, and the B25.

In the kitchen...  mmm-mmm turkey.  And sweet potatoes, because I love them.

In the learning rooms...  *crickets*.  Gunnar finished his testing and that's sent off, so everything else can wait.

Around the house...  oh heavens, I'll post pics of the progress as we go along.  The boys were running a Saws-all in the living room today.  You wouldn't believe how tough that old wood is!  This house was built in 1902, and they're having to cut into some of the original wood.  Whew!

B17 Flying Fortress

The Mother Load...  
* pick up sewing machine
* buy socks for the boys (holes everywhere)
* finalize our new health insurance
* sort/photograph the boys' school "save" boxes
* organize family room closet
* try to figure out the focus issues with my camera
* help Wyatt plan his course requirements for the next few quarters
* order dirt
* plant Kerry's birthday/Father's Day lithodora
* weed flower beds
* sell various things on craigslist
*sew sew sew!

Noticing that...  the boys are spending way too much time playing games on the computer.
I need to be more organized with chores to keep them busy.

Something to remember for later...  Gunnar just loves little kids.  He babysat last Monday - a preschool age boy and toddler girl.  I helped with taking her potty, but he did the bulk of the work.  And he's just over the moon about the little boy our friends are adopting... and he sure is cute!

A favorite quote for today...  
Avoid popularity if you would have peace.
- Abraham Lincoln

A few plans for the rest of the week...  a check-up for me, lunch with my neighbor Bea, company for dinner, and Tate working a lot of days.

A peek into my world...  well, the boys' world, anyway :D

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Joyful said...

great news that Wyatt and Tate both have work. Did UPS come through? I must have missed that part.
Can't wait to see your finished living room.
Glad your weather cooled off. Maybe that air is headed my way. :)