Friday, July 10, 2015

Tate's Zodiac Trip

Apparently June got away from me.

What with the end of school, the hot weather,
Tate getting a job, and who knows what all,
June just whizzed by in a happy blur.

But we had so much fun, I feel like I ought to revisit a few things,
like Tate's sailing trip on the Zodiac.
His high school organizes a weekend trip each year, open to any interested student.
And the kids can pay for their trip by selling gift cards to the grocery store where Tate now works!
It's an awesome deal.  If Tate sells a $100 gift card, the buyer gets it at face value, and the store gives the student 10%.  Sweet.  We could've paid for the whole trip just with groceries, but I lost track, so we ended up sending Tate on a three-day sailing trip for a grand total of fifteen dollars.
Just in case you wondered, it was worth it ;D

The first night they dropped anchor at Sucia Island in the San Juans, and had this lovely sunset view.

Tate sure looks miserable, doesn't he?
That's Tate's math teacher, who organizes the trip.

Tate didn't take a camera, so these photos are from the teacher and other students.

Lots of room below, with bunks along the sides.

And more bunks along the passageways.  Even bathrooms!  Or "heads".

All the students take turns with various duties on the boat.

The second day they anchored in Prevost Harbor at Stuart Island and went ashore for a walk/hike to the Turn Point Light Station.  This island has year-round residents, but is not served by a ferry.

Looking east, back toward Mt. Baker.

There's a great view-point and picnic area along the way.
That's Tate in the blue shirt.

They were looking across Haro Strait at Canada.
You can see the current running through.

They were able to climb down to the beach at Turn Point. 
Tate is second from the back.

Lots of tide pools with little creatures.

 I think that's a limpet.

After they hiked back to the boat they had an optional Polar Bear Swim,
and my crazy kid jumped right in.
Let me tell you, that water is COOOOLD.
The current brings it right down from Alaska,
and the temperature is about 52-55F all year long.
That may not sound too cold for air, but it's REALLY cold for water!

But the water is clean and clear.
Lots of sea life.
Lots of kelp.

Kerry snapped these photos the next day, as the boat was coming into harbor.
They couldn't have asked for better weather,
except they might have wanted a bit more wind.

And there's my Tate, taking it easy, on the right.

He had a FABULOUS time, and will probably have the opportunity to go again next year.

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