Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Birthday, Wyatt... 19!

I can hardly believe it myself, but it's true.


How did this wiry little bundle of raw energy,
turn into this handsome young man?

I don't have many pictures I can post of him as a little guy, because FILM,
but this could've been him ;D

Still, here's a little visual tour... 

Tate, about 6 months, and Wyatt 2 and a half.

The Godzilla Era

When it was still cool to sleep with your buddies

Just documenting that this kid actually NEEDS braces.

Disney Pizza Chef

Just. No. Words.

Why, of course I can surf on this piece of bark through the mud...

Ah, summer.

All duded up.

Well, Merry Christmas to you, too.

Because, soccer.
The re-weirds of parenting...

End of the homeschool year party

Wyatt just found out he was going to Disneyland for his 13th birthday.
So did Gunnar... look at his face.

After soccer practice.
Gotta love the Pacific Northwest.

Thirteenth birthday Disney trip

Back when he needed a chair to reach the top...

One of the wise men... or wise guys, take your pick.

Honor Society

When Wyatt cooks...

Yes, ladies, just get in line...

He won that...

Be still, my heart

Civil Air Patrol - flight line duty

A college student with a driver's license.
Oh boy.

With the plane he flew... solo.

I have no idea how we got here so fast,
but it's been a wild and crazy ride!

Happy Birthday, Wyatt :D


Joyful said...

say it ain't so! geezzzzzzz. What a nice young man he has turned into! Looks like he was a lot of fun too! :)
You did a great job Mom!

Rebecca D said...

It really does go by in a blink doesn't it?

melanie said...

Happy 19th Birthday!

{great photo memories!}