Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer = Relaxing, Right?

Summer is supposed to look like this, right?

And this.

And especially this.

But today looks more like this:

* Walk/run with Gunnar (I walk, he walks and runs)
* Give all three boys a haircut
* Make sure Gunnar does another section of his test
* Package shoes to return to Amazon (exchange size)
* Email friend to get together soon
* Have boys empty garbages and recycling (tomorrow is garbage day)
* Mail a check to my cousin (reimburse her)
* Make sure Gunnar practices his violin
* Remind the boys to iron their uniforms - dress blues tonight
* Talk with one neighbor about doing some yard work for another neighbor
* Process new birthday books into home library
* Add classes to Wyatt's transcript
* Update Tate's transcript
* Call friend with new-ish baby to invite to dinner
* Find Tate a padlock for his locker at work
* Teach this poor-unsocialized-homeschooler how a locker/lock works (easy)
* Email out ideas for Wyatt's birthday
* Put friends' cel numbers on my phone list
* Make Tate a list of dates to request off from work
* Meet out at the beach this afternoon :D  just for a little while, because...
* Meet Wyatt at the college to talk with an advisor
* Drop a package (shoes) off at UPS
* Cash Gunnar's babysitting check
* Laminate Tate and Gunnar's hunting safety cards (so they can buy hunting licenses)
* Go to "Commander's Call" tonight at CAP - Tate is being promoted!
* Take boys out to Dairy Queen for a reward

If it's bolded, it's done.  Maybe I'll update later.  Maybe.

Shower?  No time.  But I'll be swimming ;D

The fire behind my folks' house is still burning, but the firefighters seem to be making progress on getting it contained.  So far, no threat of evacuation.  Sure would be nice to get some rain, but none in the forecast until possibly Monday.  Let's hope they have it OUT before then.  Yikes.

*** 10:16pm and I am 23/26 and calling it a night! ***


Joyful said...

What a busy lady you are! But at least you are stopping to have some summer fun occassionally!

Choate Family said...

Wow - praying God's strength and energy to fill you up and propel you through your busy day!

melanie said...


Ann said...

I keep waiting for that relaxed summer, too! But look at you with all those bolded lines! YAY!

Still praying over the fire situation.