Saturday, July 18, 2015

Independence Day

Two week past the Fourth of July,
because I am nothing if not punctual.

Still, wanted to share some photos.

My parents always invite us up to their house for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks.

Usually, people all around the lake are lighting them off their docks.
But this year, with it being so dry and - hello - FIRES,
the main show was the city fireworks out over the distant bay.

If you were standing on my parents' deck and held out your arm,
and closed your thumb and finger to make the "okay" sign,
you could probably watch the city fireworks in the little ring your fingers make.

Well, maybe I exaggerate, but it's a long way away.
We see the big flash, and 30-35 seconds later we hear the boom.


this year a friend invited us to a "private location"
which I won't disclose,
except it's the roof of where he works ;D

Right above the bay.

We arrived early, set up our lawn chairs, and settled in for a show.

First God's show...

... then the fireworks.

For any of you photography buffs,
I have a Canon EOS 30D, which is having some focusing issues.

Although, I can't blame my camera for all the blurriness here,
as I was hand-holding for long exposures.

And actually, I kind of like the effect ;D
It's interesting to see the squiggles reflecting the movement of the fireworks
combined with the obvious movement of my hands.

This one looked kind of like Saturn with rings,
but you'll have to take my word for it.


The rockets' red glare...

The bombs bursting in air.

I teased Kerry that this one looked like a gigantic dandelion going to seed.

He hates dandelions.

I just love these squiggles.

And this one!
This one I love!
It looks like a whole bunch of Tinkerbells and dragonflies.
As if the Tinkerbells on the right
are morphing into dragonflies on the left.

And no, I wasn't drinking, why do you ask?

Big finish...

And that was a Fourth to remember :D


Jhona O. said...

Really beautiful! I don't care where we are or how bleak the day feels, the sunsets always remind me of beauty and a peace washes over me for those few moments. I love the sky and what a gift it is to us. Thanks for sharing your skies!

Choate Family said...

Gorgeous! Love your photography skills :-)